Saturday, January 30, 2016

Plan of Salvation and Eternity

Hola Familia,
So let's jump in and start talking about the week, on Saturday we met this guy on the street named Fernando, he is from Uruguay. Anyways, he has been going through some really tough times, but had gone to church before and really liked how he felt there, so he asked us if he could go to church with us, we said of course, and on Sunday he showed up and really liked it. On Sunday we had lunch with Daniel and Leilane, they are an awesome family, that really live the gospel. One thing I have learned out in the mission is there are awesome families that I have learned from, each area has a few of them, and I have taken different aspects of them and wrote them down as to what I want my family to be like. They are one of those families that I have learned a lot from. On Monday we taught Fernando about how the gospel can bless our lives if we are doing what we are supposed to. We then taught a young family, Paulo and Sueli and their 5 year old daughter Ana Vitoria. They are a really great family, they are originally from Sao Paolo. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, since the husband lost his mother and brother some time ago. Tuesday, I went and did visas and everything went really well, no issues at all. We also visited Fernando, we promised him if he would start reading the scriptures, go to church, and pray, that things would get better for him. The next day he texted us and told us that he got a job, that he would call us to set up our next appointment. He thanked us for helping him, even though it wasn’t us, we were just the messengers, he was the one that started doing what the Lord wants us to do. Daniel went with us to do visits on Wednesday, and one of the people we were going to visit live at the top of this really steep hill that we have to climb lots of steps. I felt bad for Daniel, but he is awesome and went with us to the top, when we got there they weren’t home. So we were a little bummed and started heading down, as we get a little ways down the family showed up, so we went back up. Daniel was like see Elders, it was just a trial of our faith, God just wanted to see if we truly were willing to sacrifice to see this family. It was a great lesson, and now the family has friends in the ward. On Thursday we met Hector and taught him about the Plan of Salvation, the spirit was really strong during the lesson. We also met with Fernando, who again started to thank us, but again we explained it wasn’t us, we are just the Lord’s messengers. What gets me sad, and I have seen it a lot out here on the mission and also studying the scriptures, that people will do what the Lord wants them to do and their lives are blessed, but then they will quickly forget and return to their old habits and things start going bad again. He is planning to come to church again on Sunday, so hopefully he remains strong and continues to do what he needs to do.

On Saturday we went out to eat at this really cool restaurant, Fornaria Catarinense or something like that, with President and the Elders that are going home, E. Fernandez, Zamorano, Jopia, and Gomes. It was a super cool pizza place that was really nice (and probably expensive). It was a good night spending it with these Elders. I am so grateful for this time I have to serve as a missionary, and the people I get to meet and spend time with and learn from.

Well It has been really hot and super humid this last week. Yesterday it felt like I was swimming when I was walking the streets, I was soaked with sweat in no time. You are either sweating or wet from the rain, either way it seems that when we are out on the streets we are wet.

I love you guys a lot, don't worry to much about me it’s going to fly by and I will have eternity with you guys, so I gotta finish off strong and help other families have these eternal blessing too!

You all are the best!

Love you,
Elder Moore

Last super with E. Fernandez, Zamorano, Jopia, and Gomes
Last super with E. Fernandez, Zamorano, Jopia, and Gomes
Office selfie, little goofy looking #needtoworkonmyselfiegame
Visiting a family, companionship selfie #selfiegamestilloff
Reverse district picture, Elders in front Sisters in the back