Saturday, May 28, 2016

Return Missionary Tips

Hey family, what up you all?
Honestly it's a little weird to see time going by so fast but I am loving it so I'm very happy. Elder Stahn and I are working good together, he is good in the office and is going to dominate! We did a bunch of visas for Elders and Sister, and he did most of the work on the visas. Okay so the Sisters of the zone made me and E. Keller some planners for the last transfer and they are hilarious with a bunch of tips to not be an awkward RM. All of the tips are either important things to do or things that awkward RM have done with them when they were at BYU hahaha super funny! Ex. Tip #8 If you make a date for Saturday with a girl, you don´t need to check-up every single day. hahaha . It was a weirdo RM that did that with one of the Sisters. We have some really awesome Sisters.

So we have been working really hard and teaching a lot. We had a goal of teaching 40 lessons and making 70 contacts. That is what President wants us to do each week. It is pretty hard to reach, but we kept it in the forefront and were able to reach it. if you could pray for the following I would really appreciate it; Pray for Marcellus, Eliani, Edwardo, Renato, Paulo, Suellen, Anna Vitoria, Jose Maria, Aldacir, Urallen, Rosi, Sameli, Alice, Leticia, Tanya, Pamela, Fabio, Vanda, Elilson, Nayana, Niesa That all can truly receive an answer from their prayers. We found a lot of new families to teach this week so it was honestly a great week, with a lot of blessings from our Heavenly Father. We went out with Irama Lizzy of the ward and it was super awesome we taught like 4 lessons in a couple of hours. It was truly amazing. We went and visited Aldacir, and he did a lot of investigation of the church, he went online and watched a bunch of videos and looked up a bunch of stuff, he definitely wants to learn a lot more. He came to church on Sunday and was excited. We taught Eduardo, he is a super smart guy, I would describe him of like the “Ken” of “Ken and Barby” of Brazil. He is just a big buff guy with good looks who is super intelligent. He is in real estate, technology, and a bunch of other businesses. In fact we found out he is Mr Brazil, so it was cool, but he said it so nonchalant. Anyways we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he said he would read a pray about the Book of Mormon to find out if it is true. We also had an awesome lesson with Renato. He is a man that has extreme knowledge about God and the scriptures, and it was great teaching him, because he knew all about the Plan of Salvation even before we started to teach him. Hopefully he follows the promptings of the Holy Ghost as he reads and studies and prays.

I really liked dad’s email about the 5 parables of rain. Number 3 “Into Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall” - The rain, the floods, and the winds beat not only upon the house which had been built upon the sand, but also upon the other house, which had been built upon the rock. Both the person who serves the Lord as well as the one who disdains Him live in a world ruled by the same laws of nature. Physical suffering is not evidence of wickedness, nor is it punishment for sin. We will all be tested and have trials, but like the scriptures say if your house is built upon a solid foundation then you will make it through the trials. Because without rain there wouldn’t be rainbows! The last few weeks we were really having lots of success and we were not having any problems finding people. I am grateful for the time were we did get told by a family with their pastor in the room, that they would not be going to our church this week. This event let me reflect on how blessed we have been these last few weeks.

Oh so you asked about the Zika virus and mosquitos, so we really don’t have any problem with mosquitos, if you use long pants you won’t get bitten on the legs. If you use long clothing then your good.

Hola Yaya e Yayo os quiero mucho! Espero que estais bien de salud y felices. Yo estoy muy bien, yo estoy leyendo un poco del El Libro de Mormon en Español ahora y esta ayudandome para mi espanol. Solo queria diceros que os quiero mucho y estoy muy agradecido por todo la ayuda que vosotros me estais dando. Besos!

Justin I hope you have a great Aaronic Priesthood Camp, I wish I would have gone to ours. Make sure you make the most of it, and remember the things you learn.

Love and miss you all so much,

Elder JT Moore

Me and Elder Stahn dominating  "The Office" 
My Planner the Sisters made me
Return Missionary Tips on being successful in dating
Tip # 24 Don't do Comp Inventory after a date
Tip # 8 You don't need to check up every single day
Tip # 1 It's not the Bishops office
Tip #41 Make sure they know you were the Executive Secretary
Tip # 12 If you feel like your being creepy, your date already noticed it 10 minutes ago

Saturday, May 21, 2016

There is no growth in a comfort zone, and there is no comfort in a growth zone!

Time is flying bye, so I have decided to get up earlier to get more time to study and its been good my body was definitely used to sleeping 10:30 to 6:30, so trying to break out of that now and get back and be in a good rhythm. I am doing good though!

Today on Pday we went and taught Marcellus with Irmao Aresene and Keller and Salomão and their investigators. It was awesome. We have been trying to help him get his answer to know that this is God's church here on the earth. He has a lot of faith and believes that it is, but has never prayed to have a certainty. We also have been teaching Eliani. We have been teaching her and she said she knows God sent us to her because she has been searching for a church. She also has a lot of faith that this is Christ church but lacks the certainty as well, but her baptism is marked for the 4th of June. We have been working like crazy to find the elect and love them enough to invite them to get baptized in Christ church and it is amazing how the Lord has blessed us! This week we have already found 8 people! When we ask we asks for his help he will answer our prayers but we have to go after it as well to demonstrate our faith as well!

Honestly the work has been amazing these past 3 weeks, all the missionaries in the district have been working hard and many miracles have been happening. I am amazed at how real the Lord is when we have faith and works together!

The one thing that has been the same the entire mission has been that when you feel that I everything is clicking at all cylinders, then it’s time to go learn the next thing. That is one of the big things I have learned we need to constantly need to be getting out of comfort zone. I learned it with a parable a sister missionary shared. So when we work out we try to get stronger, so we lift a weight and do reps, but after time that weight gets really easy and we start to plateau, so we add more weight. With this new weight we may feel like we are not doing as many reps but we know we are growing a lot more. We work out as hard as we can to do as many reps as possible with this new weight. We do however come to a point where no longer have enough strength to do a full rep that is where a spotter comes in. And a good spotter, is one that when you work out, you go up as far as you can and the spotter gives just enough help for you to do that extra rep, and then you do the next and you do as much as you can and then the spotter gives the needed help to finish the rep and so on. Never does a good spotter do the entire lift for you. He lets you lift as much as you can and only gives a little help necessary to finish the rest of it. Heavenly Father is a loving Father who wants to see each one of us progress and grow. We cannot be satisfied doing a 10000 reps with a 2lb weight, he will slowly add the weight on to help us grow and progress in our mortal lives so that we can too one day become like he is. Yes there will be times when we may feel like we cannot get the next rep, but we have the best spotter in the world who knows exactly our strength and to what point we can lift it and where He needs to enter in to help us lift the rest. He will never let the weight slam down on us. I know that we need to realize that to grow we need to get out of comfort zone. One of my favorite quotes is; There is no growth in a comfort zone, and there is no comfort in a growth zone!

Please read this talk I love this one. One of Hollands best
  English Version
  Spanish Version

Word of the week picareta = pickaxe

So I truly have learned we need to love people more and invite them to come unto Christ. I am so greatly for you guys always paying tithing and knowing that when we pay than we are blest. I know that this is a promise from our Heavenly Father who love us so much. God always is teaching us. Search to see what he can be teaching each one of you.

Justin I want you to know that I love you a lot man and I love hearing from you and how you are doing. And make sure to work hard in school I am not sure if you already finished or are about to but finish off strong. I love you a lot man, and can't wait to see you again! You're going to probably be like 3 times bigger than me. But we are going to work hard together! I love you tons man! Always remember you got me here when you need me.

Remember how much love I have for you guys. And always work to find the Lord's hand in your life daily at the beginning it may seem hard, but I have started doing this for awhile and it is such an awesome experience now I see His hand so clearly in my day to day life.

I love you guys and I know that when we all learn together we will be an eternal family. Remember we are all working together to become an eternal family! Please make sure you are doing family and personal prayer, Pray for the families we are teaching. Also plan to go to the temple and do the little things and search for missionary opportunities.

Three great videos to watch;
Your Potential, Your Privileges

An High Priest of Good Things to Come

Shower of Heavenly Blessings

Love you all very much,
Elder JT Moore

Pics of our "New House"
Pics of our "New House"
Floripa Me Encantou

Saturday, May 14, 2016

To make the most of Time - We need to Plan

I can’t believe we just talked on the hangouts last week, time is flying by, it went by super fast, I love you all a lot and can’t wait to see you. I am super happy right now, I love the mission and working with people and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love studying the scriptures every day and having that time to ponder about everything. I LOVE this place, it is honestly the greatest time of my life, the mission is divertido, I just love it! So we continue to work hard and have made it a goal to find a new person to teach each day. So over these past five days we have seen a miracle and the Lord has shown his hand super in the work and we have found 11 new people we are teaching. Elder Stahn has learned everything, now we are just basically reviewing things we do in the office. We kicked butt again and got a bunch more visas done. We are just filling in the cracks of little things we do in the office.

One of the biggest things I have learned on my mission is the importance of planning and preparing. I want to make sure I keep all these habits when I return home, I don’t want to fall back into bad habits. Everyday when I talk to you I go back to my planner and look at what we had plan and what we did.

We found a family we were teaching and it was awesome to see that they are progressing well, they are reading the Book of Mormon, they came to church, it was awesome to see them progress. They went to the ward activity it is was good. Then on Wednesday we had a FHE with Paulo and Suellen and Daniel and Leilane, we talked about putting your priorities, it was a good lesson. I used the example of putting food in a container, oranges, macaroni, and rice. I liked the talk by Dallin H Oaks, “Good, Better, Best”. It helps us to remember how we should be prioritizing things in our life, and looking for the best thing. We have continued to teach Marcellus and he is doing great. He truly got the importance of the part of this being Christ's church on the earth today. With the Authority to baptize people. He understands the restoration of the Church. He has a desire to be baptized.

So today on Pday we went up to the Morro da Cruz again with the new group of office Elders because almost everyone is new so that was really fun. And the miracle of the day was we got to the bus station to grab a bus to go to the Morro Da Cruz. When we got to the top of the hill it was sprinkling, then like 2 minutes later it stopped and it was beautiful. We took a bunch of cool pictures and had some fun up there, then we went to go catch the bus back down and we didn’t know when the next one was going to come (Sometimes they are like 45 minutes apart) anyways we literally waited like 1 minute and the bus arrived, it was super awesome!

Thanks Dad for sharing that part of the talk about understanding God’s for for us and the resurrection, where did you get it from. That totally helped me understand the principle of LOVE. GOD has sooooooo much LOVE for us. I really need to study more the importance of charity! That is going to be a big key in my life. I love you all a tons. The gospel is simple and life changing. It works by doing small and simple things. This is Christ's church. The proof of that is the Book of Mormon. I know that the Trinity is real, God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost! ALMA 36:6-7

A really cool parable I found about TIME!

Imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day.
Every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course?
Each of us has such a bank. It's name is TIME.
Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds.
Every night it writes off as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to a good purpose.
It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day.
If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours. There is no drawing against "tomorrow."
You must live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and success!
The clock is running!! Make the most of today.

To realise the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade.
To realise the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.
To realise the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
To realise the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To realise the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who just missed a train.
To realise the value of ONE SECOND, ask someone who just avoided an accident.
To realise the value of ONE MILLISECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal at the Olympics.

Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time with. And remember time waits for no one.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.


Love you guys, you are the best! Remember to do the small things.

Elder JT Moore

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

This is for you mama! I Love YOU! (Click to see video)

So this was another great week here in Florianopolis. It went by really fast, I can’t believe it has already been two weeks since the last transfer. We are tearing it up in the office, Elder Stahn is learning so quickly. We did 5 visas this week, they really like us over there now and they help us out a ton. We are honestly finding constantly! We found a bunch of new people/families to teach this week. Our goal has been to find at least one person per day, and the Lord is really blessing us with finding people to teach. It is awesome, and we are always inviting them to baptism on the first time teaching them and it is ridiculous how the Lord is showing His hand in our work so clearly in helping us find people and them accepting our commitments! Mark 10:21 Jesus loved the young man and asked the him to sell everything and come follow him. When we teach someone and we love them we can’t be scared, we just need to have the same love Jesus had and be bold and invite them to come follow Jesus. I learned a ton this week it was awesome! What is the true meaning of loving someone, it is not trying to sugar coat things so you think it won’t hurt them, but be bold and love them enough to invite them. Honestly I am having a blast and working my butt off, I am enjoying the mission, and the work is going great!

Another thing I learned this week is getting out of our comfort zone. Elder Bednard talked about the scripture in Matthew 14:22-31, where Peter stepped out of the boat responding fervently and immediately to the Savior’s invitation. With his eyes fixed upon Jesus, he stepped out of the boat and miraculously walked on the water. Only when his gaze was diverted by the wind and the waves did he become afraid and begin to sink. We can be blessed to conquer our fears and strengthen our faith as we follow the Lord’s instruction: “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not” (D&C 6:36). As we have came across people who before I would have never approached, I decided to step out of the boat and get out of my comfort zone and trust in the Lord, and all I can say is WOW, we have been able to go and teach people I would have never thought to ever invite.

So the other day we were teaching a young man, Elias, well we thought it was over because his uncle didn’t want us coming over to teach him anymore, but he told us he would come to the church on Thursday at 3 to be taught. Well after 3 had come and past, I figured it was over with him, but a little while later at 3:30 as we were working in the office a lady who was cleaning the church came over and told us a young man was waiting for us. We went and taught him the plan of salvation and used the parable of the “House and the School”. It went great, then we asked him to come to church, and he wants to come really bad but his uncle is being a hindrance in him being able to do anything.

So dad when you were talking in the audio on being super overwhelmed I thought of two things. The first was actually in a FHE yesterday we talked about the importance of time and one of the Irmas in the ward was talking about that. How her life was getting super busy and she was feeling overwhelmed, or overladen and then she decided to wake up more early to study the scripture and more frequent prayer. The other thought I thought about was a quote I learned from Elder Stahn. "When you feel like you are drowning in the waves of life, remember that your lifeguard knows how to walk on water"

Justin I hope you had a fun time at prom!

Mom I love you a ton, when I get home we are going to have to go the temple a lot okay!

I love you all a ton, if you have any more questions then you can ask them tomorrow! I can't believe tomorrow is the last time I will be skyping you guys on the mission. It has gone by super quick. I can't believe it!

See you tomorrow,
Elder JT Moore

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