Saturday, May 28, 2016

Return Missionary Tips

Hey family, what up you all?
Honestly it's a little weird to see time going by so fast but I am loving it so I'm very happy. Elder Stahn and I are working good together, he is good in the office and is going to dominate! We did a bunch of visas for Elders and Sister, and he did most of the work on the visas. Okay so the Sisters of the zone made me and E. Keller some planners for the last transfer and they are hilarious with a bunch of tips to not be an awkward RM. All of the tips are either important things to do or things that awkward RM have done with them when they were at BYU hahaha super funny! Ex. Tip #8 If you make a date for Saturday with a girl, you don´t need to check-up every single day. hahaha . It was a weirdo RM that did that with one of the Sisters. We have some really awesome Sisters.

So we have been working really hard and teaching a lot. We had a goal of teaching 40 lessons and making 70 contacts. That is what President wants us to do each week. It is pretty hard to reach, but we kept it in the forefront and were able to reach it. if you could pray for the following I would really appreciate it; Pray for Marcellus, Eliani, Edwardo, Renato, Paulo, Suellen, Anna Vitoria, Jose Maria, Aldacir, Urallen, Rosi, Sameli, Alice, Leticia, Tanya, Pamela, Fabio, Vanda, Elilson, Nayana, Niesa That all can truly receive an answer from their prayers. We found a lot of new families to teach this week so it was honestly a great week, with a lot of blessings from our Heavenly Father. We went out with Irama Lizzy of the ward and it was super awesome we taught like 4 lessons in a couple of hours. It was truly amazing. We went and visited Aldacir, and he did a lot of investigation of the church, he went online and watched a bunch of videos and looked up a bunch of stuff, he definitely wants to learn a lot more. He came to church on Sunday and was excited. We taught Eduardo, he is a super smart guy, I would describe him of like the “Ken” of “Ken and Barby” of Brazil. He is just a big buff guy with good looks who is super intelligent. He is in real estate, technology, and a bunch of other businesses. In fact we found out he is Mr Brazil, so it was cool, but he said it so nonchalant. Anyways we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he said he would read a pray about the Book of Mormon to find out if it is true. We also had an awesome lesson with Renato. He is a man that has extreme knowledge about God and the scriptures, and it was great teaching him, because he knew all about the Plan of Salvation even before we started to teach him. Hopefully he follows the promptings of the Holy Ghost as he reads and studies and prays.

I really liked dad’s email about the 5 parables of rain. Number 3 “Into Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall” - The rain, the floods, and the winds beat not only upon the house which had been built upon the sand, but also upon the other house, which had been built upon the rock. Both the person who serves the Lord as well as the one who disdains Him live in a world ruled by the same laws of nature. Physical suffering is not evidence of wickedness, nor is it punishment for sin. We will all be tested and have trials, but like the scriptures say if your house is built upon a solid foundation then you will make it through the trials. Because without rain there wouldn’t be rainbows! The last few weeks we were really having lots of success and we were not having any problems finding people. I am grateful for the time were we did get told by a family with their pastor in the room, that they would not be going to our church this week. This event let me reflect on how blessed we have been these last few weeks.

Oh so you asked about the Zika virus and mosquitos, so we really don’t have any problem with mosquitos, if you use long pants you won’t get bitten on the legs. If you use long clothing then your good.

Hola Yaya e Yayo os quiero mucho! Espero que estais bien de salud y felices. Yo estoy muy bien, yo estoy leyendo un poco del El Libro de Mormon en Espa├▒ol ahora y esta ayudandome para mi espanol. Solo queria diceros que os quiero mucho y estoy muy agradecido por todo la ayuda que vosotros me estais dando. Besos!

Justin I hope you have a great Aaronic Priesthood Camp, I wish I would have gone to ours. Make sure you make the most of it, and remember the things you learn.

Love and miss you all so much,

Elder JT Moore

Me and Elder Stahn dominating  "The Office" 
My Planner the Sisters made me
Return Missionary Tips on being successful in dating
Tip # 24 Don't do Comp Inventory after a date
Tip # 8 You don't need to check up every single day
Tip # 1 It's not the Bishops office
Tip #41 Make sure they know you were the Executive Secretary
Tip # 12 If you feel like your being creepy, your date already noticed it 10 minutes ago