Monday, September 28, 2015

Physically and Spiritually being Feed

Honestly this was the best week of the transfer, it was filled with spiritual experiences and great stories of change in people, and then some great food. There were a lot of great things that happened this week. First to start on Monday we went to another area where Elder Buck (from Arizona) is at and made or should I say ate cinnamon rolls. We also wanted pizza, So Elder Keller bought a huge one and a small one and some drinks. I am eating too much out here and am getting fat. Good thing E. Keller and I have been working out lately.

So Sonia went to church this week, and she is looking forward to General Conference next week, as are we! We also marked her for baptism on the 24th of October. She finished reading the Book of Mormon, I can’t believe she read it so fast, way faster then I have, and probably most members. Lucas and Eli and the family went to Parana and got all of their documents to be married, so once they are married they are ready to be baptized, the whole family. We taught them the lesson on the Sabbath and the importance of keeping the Sabbath day Holy. We also found 4 new investigators this week that really look like they want to know about the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The ward members are helping us and it is great to see the progress that is happening with the ward, missionaries, and investigators. Things are just progressing really well! We planned an awesome ward dinner and played charades, it was a fun night and we had some investigators there so that is awesome.

So on Monday we went and visited Roberto and his family. He is less active and they have a son who wants to be baptized. They were going to have the missionaries baptize him, but we said no, Roberto you are going to baptize your own son. So we have been helping him get his life back in order and doing the things the Lord wants us to do. He has been receiving little miracles that have blessed him and helped him do the right things. Then another day we were traveling on the bus and we were talking to this man whom we have talked to before, and then he was like go over there and talk to my friend and get her address and start teaching her, she wants to know about the church. On Wednesday we were out making contacts and nothing was really happening, anyways all of a sudden I had an impression we should go and visit a name that I had seen in our area book. So we go over and “clap at the gate” and this guy comes out and talks to us, we explain that some missionaries had talked to his wife before and we were stopping by to see if they were interested in listening to the message we had to share. The man invited us in, and come to find out his name is Helder, which is pronounced just like Elder in Portuguese. His wife is Janaina, and they have two boys John and Peter. All they need is James and they would have the names of the three apostles that restored the priesthood. They were a really cool family and it was fun to teach them.

So here is a funny experience I would like to share this week; Elder Keller and I were walking by this river in the middle of the city and there are black berry trees, and we were picking them off and eating them. But some were really high so we had a stick and were picking them off and some would fall and blow up on our shirts. Hahaha, it was super funny, I guess you had to be there. Don’t worry mom they were really easy to clean out, so our shirts are still white. It was a fun experience walking and eating blackberries.

I was studying this week in Alma, I think it was chapters 37 and 38, it was about Alma talking to his sons, he was talking to Shiblon. You could see that Shiblon was a great son and a great person, mainly because of two big things, he was faithful and diligent. He was always doing what the Lord wanted him to do. We always need to be working our butt off and be diligent, we can’t take breaks and let up. Constantly going the extra mile, never slacking in life.

Justin I love hearing your audios they are super funny and make us laugh, all the Elders gather around and listen to them. Remember to study and ponder the scriptures every day, make sure you are reading preach my gospel also. It’s going to help you so much if you read it all before your mission. Please just love mom and dad and be obedient. Just trust them they are crazy smart, and do things to help us and make sure we are prepared for life. I know they are not perfect and sometimes may annoy us, but I know they know what is best for the both of us. I love you so much, we are totally going to wrestling when I get back. I am probably going to get killed but YOLO… I love you so much brother, work hard and be good!!!

Make sure to watch conference this week and prepare this week and have questions going into conference, I know that you will get answers to your questions from conference. Let me know what you learned from the conference talks.

I love you all, have a great week, pray together and do the little things for each other,

Elder JT Moore

Huge pizza we ate
E. Keller holding up the 60 cm pizza he bought
We are going to get FAT!!
Especially when we ride buses in this area
E. Buck making cinnamon rolls
Them cinnamon rolls sure look good
They taste good too!!!

My Selfie game is a little off!!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Share the Gospel with Friends and Family

So to start out, I just wanted to share that things are going Great here in Joinville. The ward members, especially the Bishop loves us and trusts us. He even let E. Keller and I talk in church (which hasn’t happened in a long time) about missionary work, and all the members said they were really good talks. Having the members love and trust us has made the biggest difference in the work here in Joinville. In fact the members are doing great, we marked (set) 3 FHE with families that are going to bring friends to it, so we are super pumped! The ward is getting super pumped for missionary work. We are bonding great with the members. The companionship is awesome, we work super hard, but we also have a ton of fun, it has been the best part of my mission. The only bad thing that has been happening is I have had sinus infections, but we went to the doctor and he gave me some big old horse pills and told me to rest, we obeyed, and now my head is normal and I am healthy!

So we are teaching some great families, please keep them in your prayers. Please pray for Lucas, Eli, Barbara, Bianca, Gabriel, Bryan, Lana, and Olivia they are a super amazing family we are teaching them and they are doing everything to prepare themselves for the blessings of the gospel. They are truly an awesome family. Pray for them so that they can get all their documents quickly and safely so they can get married quickly. Also pray for Sonia she is another investigator that is awesome, she just finished reading Alma, she loves the Book of Mormon. It just appears that every time she is getting ready to come to church, something crazy happens. It's crazy how once you miss one week of church, it's so easy to skip the next, but pray for her to be able to get to church this week.

On Tuesday we met with the other zone leaders from South Joinville zone to plan the zone conference. While we were there E. Berquist made pancakes and I made syrup with the maple flavoring you sent. They were awesome so we decided we would make them for the zone conference. On Friday we had the 2 zone conference (North and South Joinville) with president and we did awesome. Everybody really enjoyed the pancakes and syrup. E. Keller and I taught about the importance of working with members, it was awesome, I am super enjoying serving with him a lot, it's awesome!

Here is a cool story I wanted to share. So we were walking home on Saturday, and this guy yells, “Mormons, wait I want to talk to you”. Anyways we talk to him and he wants to know more about our church and what we believe. He has been having a tough life, but a friend of his has been texting him and telling him about the church. He wanted to hear more, so we set a time to go by and visit him. What is really interesting is that we were not planning on going this direction, but we felt prompted to change our course, I don't know it was weird, but I know God wanted us to be walking there at the very moment when we saw that man. We will see what happens.

E. Keller and I were talking the other day, and started calculating, (there are over 15 million members, if half of them are super active, and every one of them was a missionary, if everyone of those members in the world shared the gospel and brought ONE person into the church, that would be like 7 million new members this year. But it would probably a lot more, because it would be bringing in families. Just think how much the church would grow and how better off the world would be. How much people would understanding about God’s plan, that families can be eternal, how we can be truly happy! Please everybody just share the gospel with people, don’t be afraid to make new friends and talk to people, pray for missionary opportunities EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all so much,

Elder JT Moore

My Minions collection
Making pancakes and syrup
Got still work on my selfie game, "Monday Morning Selfie"
Our Huge Room
My Study Area
Thanks MOM for the sticker, I'll be sure to keep it and put in on my car
Our bathroom, it's small,  but it works
The Awesome Godinho Family, we love them!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Every Member a Missionary

Okay so the week was great. It was a busy week for us. We went to Floripa for leadership meeting with the president. It was super fun going there and seeing everyone. Since there are 9 zones in our mission, I got to see a ton of people, old companions, Elders from the MTC that I haven’t seen in forever. I also got to see Jacob, and we talked all about what has been going on in the mission, I haven’t seen him since he first got out in the field. It was very busy time in Floripa, but we learned a lot, and now have to make sure that we share what we learned with the rest of the zone. It was fun, because we slept at the other missionaries in Floripa apartment and I was with a bunch of Elders I know and we got to talk all about the mission.

In Joinville, E. Keller and I have been doing lots of work with the members, I think now they trust us and truly love us, so the work is about to go big. We started the 40 day fast in the ward and the members are loving us and super excited about the work. we already have 7 lessons marked with members this upcoming week.

We are still teaching Sonia and also Lucas and Eli family, things are going good with both of those groups. We also have some others that are progressing well. Sonia is doing great, she has already read to Alma 58! Lucas and Eli are doing great, they are reading the scriptures daily and loving everything now. This upcoming week they are going to set a date to get married. We also taught another super cool investigator, Andressa. She went online this week and she found the Joseph Smith video on youtube and watched it and loved it. Things are really starting to happen here in Joinville!

What I have truly learned out here is how important it is for members and missionaries to work together. So I ask you, please help the missionaries in our ward, pray and always look for missionary opportunities.

Spiritual thought for the week - Pray daily for 2 things
1. To see the Lord's hand in your life
2. A missionary opportunity

If you pray for those 2 things and look for those opportunities your lives will be a lot more happier and fulfilling.

Love you all so much,

Elder JT Moore

E. Berquist, E. Moore, E. Keller, E. Heaton
Floripa Bridge
Here at the Conference
On the bus to Floripa
Passing by the Floripa Bridge
At Conference lunch with Berquist
All of us at the lunch
The Elders Hudle
At the Elders in Floripa Apartment
The Arizona Elders
The Guaratuba Group

Monday, September 7, 2015

Independence Day in Brazil

Sorry this email is so late, but we couldn’t get on today because it was Independance day in all of Brasil. It was a good week, long but a good week. So Elder Keller and I are getting along really well, we are very similar, even before the mission we were very similar. So for my birthday last week after I emailed you all, we went to an all you can eat steak house, they also had some really good açai juice, then that night we had a FHE it was a super fun day and night, fun birthday! I also wanted to buy a huge pizza for everyone,

The two families we are teaching are reference from ward members (reference from ward members are the best, you all need to help the missionaries out by being missionaries). There is Sonia an older lady, and Lucas and Eli and their family. Both of these families are awesome, certain things have to happen and then everything will be awesome for them. We are just trying to get a little more organized and get stuff going and then we will begin to really make things happen here in Joinville. It is harder to find people by making street contacts here, the people are a little more closed off and not as open compared to my other areas. We have found a few more, a young man that has great potential and seems really interested. The members are truly great here, we just need them to get back to being excited about pushing themselves to do missionary work. We need to get their confidence in us as missionaries and then I think they will really start to help us out. What is weird is that a ton of people here speak english like perfectly. We see all kinds of people with a weird look on their face when we are talking english, and we know they are listening and understanding what we are saying.

So I went to the doctor this week, they gave me a prescription and said that my sinuses are just inflamed because of allergies. I am fine though, it was just causing headache and sinus pains, but everything is fine now.

The missionary work is going good, I can see little miracles each day. It is so awesome to read something in the scripture, then be able to see how it applies to our lives. I love studying the scriptures so much.

One thing I learned from this talk is we need to not revert back to our comfort zones, we need to be constantly growing the challenge ourselves. To become what we fully need to become and this talk go hand in hand. We need to learn and improve each week. "The first great commandments" English Spanish

I love you all so much.

Elder JT Moore
My birthday Dinner
Elder Keller and I drinking our Acai Drinks
That's not like the pizza we have in Arizona
Close-up of the pizza