Monday, September 7, 2015

Independence Day in Brazil

Sorry this email is so late, but we couldn’t get on today because it was Independance day in all of Brasil. It was a good week, long but a good week. So Elder Keller and I are getting along really well, we are very similar, even before the mission we were very similar. So for my birthday last week after I emailed you all, we went to an all you can eat steak house, they also had some really good açai juice, then that night we had a FHE it was a super fun day and night, fun birthday! I also wanted to buy a huge pizza for everyone,

The two families we are teaching are reference from ward members (reference from ward members are the best, you all need to help the missionaries out by being missionaries). There is Sonia an older lady, and Lucas and Eli and their family. Both of these families are awesome, certain things have to happen and then everything will be awesome for them. We are just trying to get a little more organized and get stuff going and then we will begin to really make things happen here in Joinville. It is harder to find people by making street contacts here, the people are a little more closed off and not as open compared to my other areas. We have found a few more, a young man that has great potential and seems really interested. The members are truly great here, we just need them to get back to being excited about pushing themselves to do missionary work. We need to get their confidence in us as missionaries and then I think they will really start to help us out. What is weird is that a ton of people here speak english like perfectly. We see all kinds of people with a weird look on their face when we are talking english, and we know they are listening and understanding what we are saying.

So I went to the doctor this week, they gave me a prescription and said that my sinuses are just inflamed because of allergies. I am fine though, it was just causing headache and sinus pains, but everything is fine now.

The missionary work is going good, I can see little miracles each day. It is so awesome to read something in the scripture, then be able to see how it applies to our lives. I love studying the scriptures so much.

One thing I learned from this talk is we need to not revert back to our comfort zones, we need to be constantly growing the challenge ourselves. To become what we fully need to become and this talk go hand in hand. We need to learn and improve each week. "The first great commandments" English Spanish

I love you all so much.

Elder JT Moore
My birthday Dinner
Elder Keller and I drinking our Acai Drinks
That's not like the pizza we have in Arizona
Close-up of the pizza