Monday, August 31, 2015

It's my Birthday! I'm an Old Man

Wow, I can’t believe I am not a teenager anymore, I am OLD!!!! It feels like I have arthritis in my knees and hips, and there is a storm coming in, it’s going to rain. Even my companion says I’m old, haha. Tell everyone thank you for the birthday wishes, they were very much appreciated. Had kind of a birthday party at the Godinhos, they are super awesome, anyway their daughter was also having her birthday, haha, so we shared the cake. Then on Saturday at lunch at Anderson and Sarah, they are super awesome couple, they made us a ton of maracuja which is my favorite, I am loving Joinville, it is awesome!

So Joinville is super huge, it is the biggest city in Santa Catarina, it is like Phoenix with a bunch of connecting cities around it. So needless to say we have a huge area, and it it seems like we are always on the bus. We had a couple missionaries in our apartment leave on an emergency transfer, so now our area and work has increased. Elder Keller is awesome, he is just like me in like everything, his only downfall is being a Seahawk and Huskie fan. He is super cool, we get along super great, and we are going to be really good friends from here on out! It's going to be an awesome time here! We are going to work a lot with the members. We have a huge part of Joinville and the cities up north above it, so we use the bus a lot. We organized everything this week and now it time to get to work. The only drawback so far that I have noticed is the people on the street don’t really like to stop and talk about religion. So it has been harder to find new investigators.

The ward is awesome, there are a ton of returned missionaries, both women and men. So there is super potential for member missionary work here. We will light a fire under the members and remind them that they are always missionaries. The families feed us really well too! I have been blessed in my past three areas.

So we were on the street this week walking and I saw this man ride by on a bike and I thought about talking to him but didn't and then a little while later, we saw him again, but we just said hello. Then as we finally arrived at the house of some investigators that were given to us from the emergency transfer, it turns out the that the other elders were teaching him and it was his house. The spirit is so real, I have to get a lot better at just going and talking to everyone all the time, but it was an awesome learning experience.

So here is something funny/interesting I wanted to share, so remember when we were in Spain and Justin bought that laser pointer and was messing with all the people. Well we have an issue with dogs here, and at night they become super annoying and always barking, so I bought a green laser pointer in Guaratuba. You point the laser at them and they stop barking, it pretty hilarious. Anyways we got caught by some people, it was pretty funny.

So the scripture for the week is Deuteronomy 4:28, Just talking to people you can see just how much the perception of God has been changed in their minds and hearts. I am so glad to know that he is my loving Heavenly Father who knows me and has a body of flesh and bones resurrected and perfect. We truly have the fullness of the gospel.

Love you all, remember to do the little things,
Families are Eternal,

Elder Moore

Leaving Guaratuba
My new companion Elder Keller
Bus rides are awesome
Celebrating my Bday on Pday
I'm not a teenager anymore,
I am a 20 year old man!!!
Elder Keller and I, we are not in Arizona that's for sure
Birthday with Ariane Godinho
Birthday with Ariane Godinho