Monday, August 24, 2015

My year mark, and Tchau Guaratuba!

Sunset at Guaratuba, Tchau!

So it’s transfers today and I am going to Joinville! It was a short time here in Guaratuba, only one transfer. What is cool is Joinville is only a short trip away and we will have to come back here for splits and interviews with investigators so that is good. I am sad to leave Guaratuba and Elder Sulivan so fast. Also what stinks is I was just getting comfortable here and honestly we were starting to see a change happening here, but I feel I did what I needed to do while I was here. I am excited for Joinville, I will be companions with Elder Keller, he came out the same time as I did, and he is from Gilbert. He went to Williams Field HS and played football also. So I guess we are going to be friends for life now, he is very similar to me, so it should be a fun transfer.

So I can’t believe I have been on my mission for one year. It feels like the time has really flown by like crazy fast. So on my year mark we had a FHE (Family Home Evening) with a member and and an investigator. Then we had a lesson with bishop and a friend of theirs on Thursday night, so we decided to celebrate and have a special dinner on Friday night. We went to Don Brot and ate an X-Tudo, which is a huge hamburger with fries had onion rings. We also had dessert which was a brownie with ice cream, it was super awesome!

So we had 4 FHEs this week. We had one with an active/less active family. It was great, we taught about families and the need of each individual member in the family to help and love one another. We also two on Thursday, one with the Bishop and one with another family. It was a good lesson and time spent with them. Then we had one where we focused on this talk by President Dieter F. Uchtodorf, “Lord, is it I?” It was great because in their family they were having some issues of not getting along, and you guys have to read it it helped me a TON when I was preparing the FHE and we had another FHE about eternal families. We also had a FHE with a family, who I learned a ton about what it means to serve the Lord. They have a son that is on a mission in Columbia, he is a beast of a missionary, definitely hard working. Anyways he has faced a lot of difficulties while out on the mission. After being on the mission for just a short time he was diagnosed with diabetes. Then this week he just found out that the cartilage in his knee is all gone so he has to get injections. They were going to send him home, but he was able to talk to his mission president and convince him to let him stay, and that he would ride a bike the rest of his mission. What is strange is that none of his family are members, from what I have learned about him, they will probably all baptized when he returns.

We had a good lesson with Bruno this week with Bishop, we also found two really awesome families that I am sad that I am not going to be able to teach. Our two investigators that were ready to be baptized, began having issues and we have had to postpone their baptism date. They both know it is true, but are just getting nervous about making the commitment.

Yeah so I love the mission because it is honestly awesome to feel the spirit during a lesson, sometime it's like super strong and honestly I am so grateful for the HOLY GHOST. When we are doing what we need to be doing and are worthy we can have it as our constant companion! I love you guys I am short on time this week because I gotta go catch the bus to Joinville in just a little bit, talk more next week!

Love you all,
Elder Moore

Azevedo and Adeliade 2 awesome members
One Year Mark Dinner
One big Burger and Fries
And dessert
Joao and Daniel two young men we were teaching, they are awesome!
FHE with Tafarel and Arions families