Monday, August 17, 2015

I can't believe it is already going to be a year!

So another quick week went by here in Guaratuba. Let me share a quick recap of the week, it was a good week.
So on Monday we visited with Joao and Daniel, the two young men we are working with, they also brought a friend to listen to us. We taught them about the purpose of the Book of Mormon. Then on Tuesday we went to Andre, Irineu, Noemi and Sofia (they have a son on a mission in Columbia). They are not members yet, so we taught them the importance of prayer. We taught Wellington the Plan of Salvation, he also went to church on Sunday with his sister so that was good. He has some good young men friends in the ward, so we will see if he is ready to get baptized this week or not. We also visited with three young men that got baptized a little over a year ago, they never received the new member lessons, so we taught them, and we are hoping to teach their family, so we can complete them and help make them an eternal family.
We also visited Vinicius this week and he is doing good, we have been working a lot with him on personal revelation and it has been helping a lot. He went to the baptism and also to church, we know with time he will get his answer he is just has to recognize the spirit. We also visited and taught the family that lived in the Miami for like ten years. They are really good and have lots of questions. The mission president wants us to keep lessons around 20 minutes, so that we we are able to visit them more often during the week. They just have so many questions it is hard to keep them at 20 minutes.
We have been working with Adriana and Lucas and they have a goal to get married before the end of September! Then they are ready to be baptized. They are awesome and love doing family history work already. We also have been working with Lucas and he has stopped drinking coffee. Bruno is doing great, we just need to continue helping him with his desire to stop smoking. I can see a change in the ward and their involvement in missionary work, it is exciting. I hope I don’t get transfered because I love it here, but I am the newbie of the area so I don't think I will leave!

Sidenote: So this week we were walking down the street and we heard the radio playing some music, I had no clue who the singer was, so yes I am officially on the mission and out of touch with the world.

So my year mark is right around the corner. It should be fun, we actually have a busy day on Thursday, we have a FHE planned and a couple of lessons scheduled. I did buy a box of chocolates for the year mark celebration, hahaha!

So Justin, man its crazy to think I haven't seen you in almost a year! I miss you brother, but sounds like you are doing great in football. Thank you for sending the scriptures, I will read them this week and see how I can use them in our lessons. I hope you are working hard in school and getting good grades man! I can’t wait to be back there seeing you in your senior year. love you man, I hope you have a great school year and be smart! Always prepare each week to bless the sacrament! I love you like crazy man! Tear it up in Football and School! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Love you all!!! Remember to do the small things for one another! Go to the temple, do everything you can to be an eternal family!

Elder JT Moore

Waiting at urgent care
City in Brazil called "Don't Touch Me"
Some of the young men in the ward with Wellington in the back
District Meeting