Monday, July 27, 2015

Hold firm to the Rod

Well this was a busy week. On Monday we went with Bruno to a FHE with Irmao Moraes family, then we went and we did some contacts. Then on Tuesday we visited Vinicius and talked about baptismal interviews he said he would pray about everything and have a answer for us the next time we visited. We also visited Bruno with Irmao Azevedo and talked about the restoration. Then we visited Luis and talked about the life of Jesus. We finished off the night visiting Rafaela and Vinicius and we talked to her about coming back to church and being active and we talked to him about the importance of baptism. I think everything will go quick with them if we work right and get the members involved in helping! On Wednesday we visited Vinicius and he said he got a confirmation about these things and that it is true, but he wasn’t sure about baptism and he is very hesitant I know he knows how important it is and the covenants that he will be making, so he has to overcome the doubts and fears Satan is putting on him! So we delayed the baptism and then we traveled to Joinville that evening. Thursday morning we woke up super early to go to Itaja to listen to Elder Leal who was on doing a mission tour, it was great! He discussed the importance of personal revelation and equilibrium in everything. He also to spoke about seeking after spiritual experiences and that we need to write them down so that we will remember them! Then that evening we traveled back to Joinville and bought 2 giant pizzas! Joinville is such a beautiful place, it has so much German influence in its architecture. There is a lot of German influence in this city. On Friday we got up early but missed the bus so we had to wait in Joinville for another 6 hours for the next bus! We ate lunch at Tucanos and had açai ice cream (they are famous for it) and it was really good! We spent time with the Elders and got to know the city and had some dinner with Irma Miriam and spent time with her family. Then on Saturday we visited Vinicius with Cleber about we talked about faith and confiding in the Lord, it was a great visit. We also visited Joao and Daniel and talked about the importance of praying each day and the importance of going to church. We finished the night off by visiting Bruno and we talked about Faith in Christ and how he is doing with the WOW and quitting smoking. On Sunday at church Bruno, Lucas and Rafaela came, so that was good. After church we went and visited Joao and Daniel again, then we brought some less actives and had FHE with Cleber and Luane with Adriana and Lucas, and the subject was about marriage and eternal families!

So as you can see we are starting starting to work with more members here and it is helping. We have Clebber and Luane who are a young married couple that are awesome here, we also have Irma Azevedo who is helping a ton too. I am super excited that Irmao Moraes and Irma Miriam are helping also!

Now to answer your questions, So yes it does rain a lot more here in Guaratuba then it did in Joaçaba. It is also a little more warmer here. Luckily this week has been pretty dry. Yes the members here feed us a lot! I am going to be a fatty when I leave from here. One of the cool things this week was seeing a lot of Elders in Itaja. I got to see a bunch of Elders that I haven't seen for awhile. I got to see some from my group in the MTC. It was awesome, I saw Elder Keller and Berquist! Which is funny though because the last time I saw them was right before we got transferred with our trainers which was day 1 of the mission in Floripa! Yes I love it here, but of course I miss Joaçaba, because it was going really well there, I miss the members, the people we were teaching, but we have to get it going just like that here. So the most spiritual part of the week was in Itaja! It was awesome, definitely learned a lot! Going to try and apply as much as possible here from what Elder Leal spoke about. The testimonies those men have about Jesus Christ is on a whole different level!

So this week I was looking at 1 Nephi 8:33 And great was the multitude that did enter into that strange building. And after they did enter into that building they did point the finger of scorn at me and those that were partaking of the fruit also; but we heeded them not.

There are 3 groups of people in Lehi's dream, the last one that stays near the tree stayed there because they didn’t listen to the people who were making fun of them. We can't listen to the people who want to take us down and take us away from the iron rod! I love you guys and have a great week!

Remember to do the little things for one another,
Love you all,
Elder JT Moore

Our beautiful Chapel here in Guaratuba
Elder Sulivan and I 
E Zamorano, E. Cardenas and I in Itaja
Gringos in Brazil!
E. Berquist and E. Keller with E. Choate in the back
My last four companions in order from right to left
Pizza in Joinville
Architecture in Joinville is awesome

Monday, July 20, 2015

From Hills to Beaches

So this week was great. I spent most of the time trying to learn the area, I am still lost, but get a little bit more knowledge of the area each day. I do miss Joaçaba and the super awesome members and investigators and Elder Choate, but it’s nice not climbing up hills all day now hahaha. Elder Sullivan and I are getting along great, he is super awesome. He knows his stuff and is already a great teacher. It is going to be a fun transfer. All the Elders here in Guaratuaba really liked my planner that Carlos made for me! So some of the people we are teaching are; we have Bruno that we are helping with the W.O.W. He did pay tithing this week, which is awesome he has a testimony about! Also, Vinicius is the other investigator we are teaching both are in their 20s. Vinicius always does everything we leave him and is going great! We have a FHE with both of them, and hopefully Edson as well tonight! We are also working with Lucas and Adriana. Adriana is being reactivated and Lucas her husband wants to get baptized, but they have to get legally married first. We are going to work hard on that to get that all in action! I am super excited to be here, there is a lot of work to be done. There was 85 people at church this week, a few years ago they usually had around 150 people attend most Sundays. A lot of people have moved, and some are now inactive, so we are going to go and get them back. It is cool to be close to the beach even though all we can do is look at it! We have to get the members working with us like back in Joaçaba, there are a lot of part member families here that we need to help make into eternal families!

So one of the first things I got to do this week was my was my first baptismal interview. The Elders of Itapoa, are teaching Michele, she was definitely prepared and has a testimony of the gospel and how it has changed her as a person. She is a really neat person!

So on Wednesday we will be heading to Joinville then taking a bus on Thursday to Itaja, where we will listen to Elder Leal who is an Area 70. It should be a great experience.

What I have learned is that we need to love the scriptures, we need to truly love them, they have the keys to unlock eternal life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STUDY THEM!!!!!!!!
2 Nephi 4:15

If I remember correctly I was reading in the bible where it said the Lord looks on the heart and not the outside beauty. Is the outside of our vase really pretty and inside dirty or are we a vase that is crystal clear with clear water inside. The Lord knows every desire of our heart, he sees our heart and knows each one of us!

Love you guys have a great week!
Remember to do the little things to become an Eternal Family!

Elder JT Moore
My New Companion Elder Sulivan
A view not far from our apartment
The District!!
Cool car we found \
"Morro de Cristo" it's foggy I'll try it on another day
Selfie at the Ocean
Elder Moore Loves You
Elders in our Apartment

Monday, July 13, 2015

Saying Goodbyes are the Hardest

So it was a good and sad week this week. It was a great week in terms of lessons and FHEs. It was a super hard, really spiritually week with everything. We even had a baptism of Antonio and Girley. It was awesome to see them finally get baptized. What a great family. Then we found out about transfers, and that I was getting transferred to Guaratuba. I was super sad to leave Joaçaba because I honestly loved it there, and the members there are awesome, the area is amazing, and I really loved the people. So we spent most of Saturday and Sunday saying goodbye to everybody. It was tough to say goodbye to some awesome members, investigators, and recent converts!! But I promised them we will keep in contact!

Then Sunday night I hopped on the bus at 10:30 and arrived here in Guaratuba at 8 am. It was a 10 hour bus ride, I did sleep a good amount of the time. I am excited to be here, it is a beach town and it is flat, so now my body won’t have so much wear and tear from climbing the hills of Joaçaba. It is way up north in our mission, in fact it is in Parana and not Santa Catarina which is most of our mission area. My companion is Elder Sullivan, he is from Manaus Brazil. He has been on the mission for 3 months. He got trained by Elder Keller, who came out with me. I haven’t talked to him a ton yet, but he seems really cool. We live with two other Elders they are E. Lopes from Para and Daines from Utah. We also have two other Elders in the district in Itopa, both are from Sao Paulo. I have only been here a few hours, but I am excited to get to work here in Guaratuba.

I really love the mission, time is flying by, I have learned and grown so much. I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve the Lord, I know I am where I am supposed to be at this time in my life. The mission is such a great experience.

I love all of you, remember to do the little things Alma 37:6-7!

I will write more next week. Families are eternal!

Elder JT Moore

Saying goodbye to Loren
Saying goodbye to Antonio and Dirlei!
Saying goodbye to Judite Daniel, Juliana Jackson, Ana Clara, Douglas
Saying goodbye to some of the branch members
Saying goodbye to Debora
FHE with Rosi and Joao (Heltons parents and family)
Saying goodbye to Pres Calixtos family and Miguel the little boy of Pres Arajou and Debora
Saying goobye to Edson Vanusa and David

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Mission is a Great Experience

Okay so the week was awesome! Let me tell you how the week went. On Monday we visited Antonio and Dirlei with Joel and Olga and taught about laws and ordinances! They are doing great! Then on Tuesday we started teaching Clener, Cassia, and Paola. We have been visiting with members and it is helping! Members are great here in Joaçaba! We also visited Antonio and Dirlei again and watched the restoration video and I think it totally helped them a ton! I know I felt the spirit strong watching the video. On Wednesday we had missionary correlation with our branch mission leader and then we visited Debora at Pres Calixto and his families house. It was a great visit! We also visited Judite and Daniel with Joel and Olga and talked about the importance of family and marriage. They are ready they just need to get married first and they are willing to do it, they are doing their part they just need help, but I know it will work out. We also visited Marcos and Andressa with Adair and his family and that was awesome to get them to meet more people! Then on Thursday we went over everything again with Debora, we went with Joel and Olga and Elen to see if she had any questions, she was prepared and ready for Saturday. We finished off the day by visiting Denard with Carlos and we taught the restoration. On Friday we had district meeting and also visited Clener and her family with Claudia and Manoel and taught part of the restoration. Its great having the members come with us, because it creates great friendships in the branch! We also meet with Debora and she had her interview and it went great! It rained a lot on Friday! Then on Saturday we visited Rosi and Joao B. in the morning. Then Debora got baptized! It was awesome, I was super excited for her! Her mom and one of her friends also Dirlei and 2 of her nieces went, it was great! She is really special, Pres Calixto the branch president did the baptism, and he said he never had such a spiritual experience doing a baptism before, which was awesome to hear. Then after the baptism we had a lesson with Loren and Carlos about learning in the church. On Sunday at church Edson, Vanusa, Dirlei, and Loren went. Debora got confirmed a member! After church we visited Edson and Vanusa and talked about sacrament and the reason why we go to church. Then on Sunday night we had a little get together for Debora! It was super fun and awesome. The members are super friends with her and her mom really liked the members of the church. All in all it was a great experience for all of us!

So yes it has been cold here, but not cold enough to use my big coat, so I guess it really is not that cold.

So you asked for some new portuguese words that I learned this week, they are trinka o maçaneta, I think thats how you spell it, any ways it means doorknob, haha.

So this week I studied this talk. It is really good!!
The Power of the Word
Also if you have time read this talk
When Thou Art Converted

I love you guys, Go to the Temple, Remember to do the little things, and also remember how many blessing we already have in our lives and how things are, and can keep getting better.

Elder JT Moore

Our elevator, District meeting pic

Baptism of Debora

Baptism of Debora

Baptism of Debora

Elder Choate and I outside of Church

Get together after church

Look Justin I found you a Kinder Egg!

And here is the toy inside!