Monday, July 6, 2015

The Mission is a Great Experience

Okay so the week was awesome! Let me tell you how the week went. On Monday we visited Antonio and Dirlei with Joel and Olga and taught about laws and ordinances! They are doing great! Then on Tuesday we started teaching Clener, Cassia, and Paola. We have been visiting with members and it is helping! Members are great here in Joaçaba! We also visited Antonio and Dirlei again and watched the restoration video and I think it totally helped them a ton! I know I felt the spirit strong watching the video. On Wednesday we had missionary correlation with our branch mission leader and then we visited Debora at Pres Calixto and his families house. It was a great visit! We also visited Judite and Daniel with Joel and Olga and talked about the importance of family and marriage. They are ready they just need to get married first and they are willing to do it, they are doing their part they just need help, but I know it will work out. We also visited Marcos and Andressa with Adair and his family and that was awesome to get them to meet more people! Then on Thursday we went over everything again with Debora, we went with Joel and Olga and Elen to see if she had any questions, she was prepared and ready for Saturday. We finished off the day by visiting Denard with Carlos and we taught the restoration. On Friday we had district meeting and also visited Clener and her family with Claudia and Manoel and taught part of the restoration. Its great having the members come with us, because it creates great friendships in the branch! We also meet with Debora and she had her interview and it went great! It rained a lot on Friday! Then on Saturday we visited Rosi and Joao B. in the morning. Then Debora got baptized! It was awesome, I was super excited for her! Her mom and one of her friends also Dirlei and 2 of her nieces went, it was great! She is really special, Pres Calixto the branch president did the baptism, and he said he never had such a spiritual experience doing a baptism before, which was awesome to hear. Then after the baptism we had a lesson with Loren and Carlos about learning in the church. On Sunday at church Edson, Vanusa, Dirlei, and Loren went. Debora got confirmed a member! After church we visited Edson and Vanusa and talked about sacrament and the reason why we go to church. Then on Sunday night we had a little get together for Debora! It was super fun and awesome. The members are super friends with her and her mom really liked the members of the church. All in all it was a great experience for all of us!

So yes it has been cold here, but not cold enough to use my big coat, so I guess it really is not that cold.

So you asked for some new portuguese words that I learned this week, they are trinka o maçaneta, I think thats how you spell it, any ways it means doorknob, haha.

So this week I studied this talk. It is really good!!
The Power of the Word
Also if you have time read this talk
When Thou Art Converted

I love you guys, Go to the Temple, Remember to do the little things, and also remember how many blessing we already have in our lives and how things are, and can keep getting better.

Elder JT Moore

Our elevator, District meeting pic

Baptism of Debora

Baptism of Debora

Baptism of Debora

Elder Choate and I outside of Church

Get together after church

Look Justin I found you a Kinder Egg!

And here is the toy inside!