Monday, July 13, 2015

Saying Goodbyes are the Hardest

So it was a good and sad week this week. It was a great week in terms of lessons and FHEs. It was a super hard, really spiritually week with everything. We even had a baptism of Antonio and Girley. It was awesome to see them finally get baptized. What a great family. Then we found out about transfers, and that I was getting transferred to Guaratuba. I was super sad to leave Joaçaba because I honestly loved it there, and the members there are awesome, the area is amazing, and I really loved the people. So we spent most of Saturday and Sunday saying goodbye to everybody. It was tough to say goodbye to some awesome members, investigators, and recent converts!! But I promised them we will keep in contact!

Then Sunday night I hopped on the bus at 10:30 and arrived here in Guaratuba at 8 am. It was a 10 hour bus ride, I did sleep a good amount of the time. I am excited to be here, it is a beach town and it is flat, so now my body won’t have so much wear and tear from climbing the hills of Joaçaba. It is way up north in our mission, in fact it is in Parana and not Santa Catarina which is most of our mission area. My companion is Elder Sullivan, he is from Manaus Brazil. He has been on the mission for 3 months. He got trained by Elder Keller, who came out with me. I haven’t talked to him a ton yet, but he seems really cool. We live with two other Elders they are E. Lopes from Para and Daines from Utah. We also have two other Elders in the district in Itopa, both are from Sao Paulo. I have only been here a few hours, but I am excited to get to work here in Guaratuba.

I really love the mission, time is flying by, I have learned and grown so much. I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve the Lord, I know I am where I am supposed to be at this time in my life. The mission is such a great experience.

I love all of you, remember to do the little things Alma 37:6-7!

I will write more next week. Families are eternal!

Elder JT Moore

Saying goodbye to Loren
Saying goodbye to Antonio and Dirlei!
Saying goodbye to Judite Daniel, Juliana Jackson, Ana Clara, Douglas
Saying goodbye to some of the branch members
Saying goodbye to Debora
FHE with Rosi and Joao (Heltons parents and family)
Saying goodbye to Pres Calixtos family and Miguel the little boy of Pres Arajou and Debora
Saying goobye to Edson Vanusa and David