Monday, June 29, 2015

Members and Missionaries, Unity

What a great week this week. I love this area. We have so many people coming out of the wood works right now and the members are awesome and bringing us investigators and helping us with the work. We had 13 member present lessons this week, which is awesome. The members are building great relationships with the investigators. Sometimes we have stopped by some of our investigators and members are there helping them with fixing things at their house, or just stopping by and visiting them. What I have realized about this work is that when missionaries and members work together in unity, good things happen. The working is going great and we are planning to have some 15 investigators at church this coming week!!!!!!

So this week we had district conference in Videira, which is like stake conference, except we are not a stake yet. Videira is a little over an hour away by car. I was asked to give a talk on missionary work at the conference. There were a lot of members there and I definitely nervo

We had a lot of our investigators go to the conference both days which was awesome. Debora went to both of bot days of district conference and loved it and is super excited to get baptized and made great friends with a ton of the members. Oh another awesome thing that happened this week is Antonio has stopped smoking cold turkey!!! We started a 7 day program on Wednesday and as of yesterday night he is going strong! I know he’s done smoking, it is awesome to watch him have a desire to change!! We have visited every night to see how they are doing with members and its great!

So I also was able to buy this super awesome bible that our branch president uses. It is a huge help and is super awesome with footnotes and everything. One of our investigators, Barbara, makes leather scripture covers, so I am getting another and then there are a bunch of other Elders that want them to, so we will be getting a bunch made.

I stinking love Joa├žaba! Truthfully I don’t want to leave, but everyone here has started saying that I am leaving on the 11th because of transfers and because I have been here so long. Honestly I love this area, the people we work with are great. I love doing this work!

It is cold here, which is so weird to think that it is in the 50 and 60’s and we are at the end of June. I know you guys are in the 100s and Justin is probably dying in the heat at football. Work hard Justin and do big things.

Here is the talk that I want you to read this week by President Monson, “Blessings of the Temple”
English and Spanish

Okay I gotta get back to work,
I love you sooo much thank you for the emails and the encouragement you guys give
We are really excited about this week!!
LOVE YOU GUYS, Remember to do the little things!

Elder JT Moore
The new bible I bought

It is awesome with footnotes and everything

Yes, I am in Brazil where everything grows big and green

The circus is in town

The Circus

The awesome meal that I made

Dinner at members house