Monday, June 8, 2015

Week of Lessons and Miracles

So this week was a good week, although I had a stomach ache on Saturday, but thank you mom because the Moore’s pharmacy you have sent me solved it hahah. I am out of shape because at times we have to run to get to another appointment and let just say I am not in football or basketball shape haha. The members here help out a ton, we have had 8 member present lessons this week and 9 last week. Having members helping out teaching is paying off! Our investigators now have friends in the branch that come by and help them, so it is not just us doing the work. So we have a lot of investigators marked for baptism, there are just various things that have to happen so they can get baptised.

So this week we had some good lessons. The first one I want to share about we had with Debora and Donatan, they are two young people in their 20s that went to church last week. This week we were going to have a lesson with them on Saturday, but they called to change the date, at first I thought they were going to cancel it, but instead we got a nice surprise and they asked if it could be earlier. So on Thursday we had a lesson with them and with President Araujos family. It was awesome, before we even started they came prepared with 25 questions!! Then on Saturday we came back and taught them the restoration. On our visit on Thursday we had given them the pamphlet, they read it and they took notes in it and underlined parts in it and did the extra study stuff it was awesome! They are amazing. They said they were tired to get up to go to church, but they came, and at the end of church they didn’t want to leave because of how great it feels! How awesome is that? We also taught another awesome family that are ready to be baptized we just have to get them married first. Then later that week we had another amazing lesson with member present with Luciane and Jessine a reference of Daniel and Judite (reference of investigators! How neat is that to get a reference from investigators that you are teaching. So we had a lesson with them, Luciane is in her 30s and Jessine is 8. During the lesson we were talking about a lot of different things at first, but last week on Saturdays baptism of Renan we gave Luciane a blessing because she was having pain near her heart. Then after that she went to the hospital to take some test and came out that she had a nerve muscle strain and the doctor sent her to get some meds. She ended up not buying them and by Tuesday she had no pain whatsoever! And then she was like yeah this week went great after going to the baptism and then church on Sunday, everything went well, work went well, and at the end of the week I had a little extra money in my pocket that never happens, I always make it but with barely just enough. It was awesome to see! We have a FHE with her at Helton's house tonight! She also read Ether 12 in one night and loved it and loved how much it talked about faith. We also had a lesson with Hobson and his family which was awesome. You could see them light up when he was like oh so there are apostle and prophets on the earth living today! This week was filled with great lessons and miracles. On Sunday we had lunch at Helton and Concei hous,e and then after that we ate lunch at the house of Urlick he is from Haiti and he is super awesome! He made us a bunch of great food! He is going to the FHE that we have planned also. Then Sunday we had a great lesson with Antonio and Girley marked them for baptism, it was awesome. She said she sees satan trying to tempt the family and knows she needs to set the example. We also taught them about tithing and fast offerings and she loved that our church shows where the money goes and was super impressed and excited. She was like I gotta start paying tithing. Then we had a lesson with Judite and Daniel with members Helton and Concei, and we talked about the commandments and specifically about the Word of Wisdom and Daniel said they finished drinking coffee and are going to buy this other thing that members drink here. He also asked Helton about tithing and how it works and was really impressed. I love Joacaba!!!

Here are the talks I want you to read or listen to this week
Bearing our Burdens with Hope
Finding Joy in the Journey

I love you all! Remember to do the little things for one another!

Elder JT Moore

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Churros filled with chocolate
Yes its June and its cold in Joacaba
Everybody from our apartment
District meeting
Birthday party for this cute little girl
Dinner at members house, kind of like paella without the seafood
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The leather scripture case Barbara made for me
Eating ice cream again