Monday, May 25, 2015

Doing the Little Things

This week I was just thinking how much I love you and how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you. Remember that! Also, I want each of you to reflect on each of your lives and see if you are doing with the small things; daily personal prayer, scripture study, and doing the small things. When things get hard and difficult we just need to remember two things pray and scripture study.The Elders in our apartment were talking the other day and Elder Cardenas said that he has learned a ton here on the mission and honestly the mission was the best thing for him. That is the truth the mission is the best thing for us young men at our age. Read Alma 32:41-43 it is a great scripture. Just remember be patient, diligent, and have faith and it will happen. Also read 1 Nephi 3:7 and Alma 37:6-7. I never realized how much our investigators love when we just hide a note or pass by and say hi. Same thing within a family say I love you more, do something without being asked. Do something special for one another. The small things are what God uses so I think that we should be doing the small things too.

This week I did a lot of praying and scripture study, and one thing I learned about a question someone asked Elder Zamorano was what is the distance from the earth to heaven and his answer was it is the distance between your knee and the floor. Praying is very real. It is amazing how prayer works. We can talk to our Heavenly Father who literally created everything and he can talk back to us through feelings, promptings, and the scriptures. We need to dedicate time during the week to prayer and just talk to Heavenly Father and open up, I know he listens and answers us. We need to be diligent in prayer.

So this week we found this super awesome family. Hobson, Marizete and Joao we are super excited to teach them. We shared the plan of salvation with them and they had a little baby that died and talked about temples too it was a good lesson. We also taught this young man Igor who was super cool! We had a FHE tonight with Edson and David (the lil boy of Vanusa is going). We have been teaching some other really awesome families and the work is going good. I am so thankful for those that we have been able to share the gospel with. We are learning so much from each other.

Remember to say I love you and do the little things for each other.

Love you all,
Elder JT Moore

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