Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!! It was so goood to see and talk to you all yesterday. It it was muito legal (very cool) to see and speak to all of you. I love you all so much. That was the fastest hour of my whole mission. I was looking forward to it for a long time, then it was there and over so fast. It was good to see Grandma and Grandpa, and that you are all doing good. I can’t believe I am half way over with my Skype calls home, only have one more Christmas and Mother’s Day calls left. It makes me muito happy!

Well another week of ups and downs, but I do honestly love it here in Joaçaba, I could stay my whole mission here. The people here are great, especially the members in the branch. Joaçaba is super safe it was actually rated the 2nd best city to live in Brazil for quality of life. No one messes with us, not even the dunks and the crazy people on the street, in fact when we walk by them, they are like oh hey Mormons say a prayer for me, it’s pretty funny! So this week we had some more awesome FHEs, and had investigators at some of them. Elisa went to one and really liked it and came back and told her sister how great it was. At one of the FHEs I taught the lesson that you shared with me dad, about priorities in our lives, using the golf ball, pebbles, and sand as the object lesson, except I had to use other available objects, so I used little oranges, pasta, and rice. If we put the most important priorities like family and God (little oranges) first in our lives (the tub), then the other priorities like work and school (pasta), and the other small things (rice) then our lives are full. However if we have our priorities mixed up, and we put rice and pasta in first, then we won’t have enough space for all of the oranges (the important things) in life. It was a awesome lesson!

We had an awesome lesson with Elisa, and taught her about the restoration, and why it was needed, we talked about Prophets and apostles, and also the temple. The spirit was really strong, so we asked her if she knew the things we were teaching her were true, she said yes, so then we felt the impression that we should ask her to be baptized, we did and then there was a long pause. We just sat there and waited for the spirit to work, and then she was like yes I want to be baptized! It is awesome to feel the spirit and watch as they feel is testify to them.

One thing I realized this week is that when we truly focus ourselves on the Lord he will bless us. Even though we had an up and down week, with appointments falling through, I realized that when we focus on the positive things that happened, then the rest of the stuff doesn't affect us much at all.

Oh we ate burritos the other day, that we made. It was the first time I ate burritos in Brazil haha. They were super good! We also went to this one supermarket that has this bakery in the back. It is super legit, you get to make your pizza the way you want it, it reminded me of Subway, except for pizza. We also had some great dinners with the members, so feed us so good here it is unbelieveable.

I love and miss you all, remember JESTO!

Families podem ser eternas!

Elder JT Moore

Happy Mother's Day!! I love you mama!!
Eating at Bob's (like McDonalds)
Make your own pizza, subway style
We made Rootbeer, No Bueno!
Burritos in Brazil!
Irma Daiany makes waffles for us when we go eat lunch there because she knows we love them
Joel and Olga the ward mission leader and his wife they have a son on a mission and spoil us with steak and bunch of food!
 The FHE we did about priorities
My book bag that we bought at the missionary store