Monday, May 18, 2015

Birthday Week

Birthday week this week, so my companion Elder Choate has his birthday today Monday and Elder Norman had his on Sunday. So we all went out to eat and I bought the rodizio for me and Choate and all the drinks. No mom we do are not ever hungry here! ahahaha #FATTTBOYZZZZZ

So it was a roller coaster week as usual here on the mission. Eliza’s mom said she can’t get baptized on the Sunday of mother’s day, so that got her really sad and down, but we keep working with her and try to get some ward members to meet the mom and become friends. It really stinks because she was all excited and now she is all down about everything, but we are going to keep working. The uncle and aunt and cousin of Helton (Daniel, Judite, and Juliana have been taking the lessons and want to be baptized. We had a great lesson with them last week and we talked about the Plan of Salvation and it was super good! Then we finished off with temples and wow I never knew just how strong the spirit is when we talk about temples and eternal marriage, it was awesome! The members here are awesome! We had FHEs everyday last week except Thursday. I Love Joaçaba!

Also this week we had a meeting/bday party at our branch missionary leader’s house and then a FHE with Thias, Andre, and Ernesto tonight and also another bday party hahah! Going to be eating a lot of food!

One thing I really studied about this week is that we need to remember to always have an eternal perspective. It helps everything. I think about these 2 years as a missionary and really they are very small amount of time compared to the perspective in eternity, if we just center our lives on the rock of our Savior. I know this church is true and feasting on the word of Christ brings us better understanding of our eternal potential!

Here are some videos I want you to watch;
The Eternal Perspective of the Gospel
The Power of the Word
Safety for the Sould
Highlight: “Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet”
Highlight: Returning to Faith
Highlight: The Music of the Gospel

So Justin I want you to make a recording and tell me all about PROM!


Elder JT Moore

FHE with members

Another FHE with members and investigators

The Brazilian drink Guarana, now in Black

Stuck in the Elevator

FHE Games

FHE Games

FHE Games

E. Choate and Norman Birthday Lunch

Three cheese pasta and garlic bread I made for lunch

Birthday Ice Cream