Monday, August 3, 2015

Working with the Members

So this was a good week of work in Guaratuba. So things are honestly doing really good, all four of us in the apartment get along well, we have fun at the house and work hard and we are enjoying it here. Both companionships are seeing the blessing of working with the members. Getting the members to help us out is changing missionary work here big time! We are working with quite a few families and a lot of part member families so that is good, we are trying to reactivate members and baptize the nonmembers of the family.
Elder Sulivan and I are having fun, he is super funny and we goof around a lot, but we know when to use the switch and get serious and work!

Here is a quick recap of my week.
Monday - We visited Dico and Rose, a family we are teaching and taught about the intro to BOM. It went well they said they are searching for the truth and we invited them to read, ponder and pray. We also visited Vinicius and talked about Baptism. He said that this upcoming Saturday is the day, we are super excited for him, he is a little more reserved but we are trying to help him come out of his shell.
Tuesday - We visited Edson, he is an older man. The elders have been teaching him for almost 2 months now and he has read all the way to Mormon in the BOM! He says he knows these things are true, but just never goes to church! We need to work better at getting members there! We also visited with João and Daniel, the two young men we are teaching and taught about prayer and scriptures. We are trying to help them get more motivated to read. We also visited Rafaela and are going to start teaching her all the new member lessons because no one ever did that. We are going to teach them with her BF too. We also visited Dico and Rose again!
Wednesday - We had FHE with Bruno with Irmao Azevedo and Adelaide and Irma Miriam talked about being pioneers in our lives. We visited Adriana and Lucas and talked about word of wisdom. We also visited João a new investigator and tried to help him out with all of his questions.
Thursday - We visited João and Daniel again. We went by and visited Luis, he is a little different, and he was telling us how his wife left him and it was all our fault, anyways I couldn’t tell if he was serious or not, but he was just joking. It was definitely a funny and weird experience. We finished the night off by visiting Gabriel and Leidiane.
Friday - We had district meeting, and we discussed the importance of the scriptures and studying them daily. We visited Vinicius, Bruno, and Joao
Sunday - So it was awesome, and we had some miracles happen. We ended up having 4 investigators go to church this week. Between the two companionships we had 9 investigators at church! Some of the investigators that were there were some friends that members brought. That was awesome. We have just begun the 40 day fast as a word, and we are already seeing blessings.

Yeah so Guaratuba is a good area, this week was a small glimpse at the true potential this place has, I am really excited to be here. There is not much of a bus system here in Guaratuba, but we primarily stay within 3 km of the church so it isn't bad walking. We probably walk around 8 to 10 km per day. I am going to start using the pedometer again to see how much we walk. This week we found an older couple, that lived like 10 years in Miami and are now living here. We had a great lesson with them although we didn’t get to teach a ton because they had a ton of questions, and he gets super animated with them. Also another man we are teaching, he is super cool and he always gives us meat sticks when we walk by his mini restaurant, hahaha we are loving life here, we are fed very well here in Guaratuba!

Love you guys do the little things pray together everyday! Have a fun week at school Justin! Enjoy your Junior year man! Tear it up in school and sports! :)

Elder JT Moore

Walking the streets of Guaratuba
Look what I found! El Madrileño
Thanks for the package! I love you!!!!