Monday, September 14, 2015

Every Member a Missionary

Okay so the week was great. It was a busy week for us. We went to Floripa for leadership meeting with the president. It was super fun going there and seeing everyone. Since there are 9 zones in our mission, I got to see a ton of people, old companions, Elders from the MTC that I haven’t seen in forever. I also got to see Jacob, and we talked all about what has been going on in the mission, I haven’t seen him since he first got out in the field. It was very busy time in Floripa, but we learned a lot, and now have to make sure that we share what we learned with the rest of the zone. It was fun, because we slept at the other missionaries in Floripa apartment and I was with a bunch of Elders I know and we got to talk all about the mission.

In Joinville, E. Keller and I have been doing lots of work with the members, I think now they trust us and truly love us, so the work is about to go big. We started the 40 day fast in the ward and the members are loving us and super excited about the work. we already have 7 lessons marked with members this upcoming week.

We are still teaching Sonia and also Lucas and Eli family, things are going good with both of those groups. We also have some others that are progressing well. Sonia is doing great, she has already read to Alma 58! Lucas and Eli are doing great, they are reading the scriptures daily and loving everything now. This upcoming week they are going to set a date to get married. We also taught another super cool investigator, Andressa. She went online this week and she found the Joseph Smith video on youtube and watched it and loved it. Things are really starting to happen here in Joinville!

What I have truly learned out here is how important it is for members and missionaries to work together. So I ask you, please help the missionaries in our ward, pray and always look for missionary opportunities.

Spiritual thought for the week - Pray daily for 2 things
1. To see the Lord's hand in your life
2. A missionary opportunity

If you pray for those 2 things and look for those opportunities your lives will be a lot more happier and fulfilling.

Love you all so much,

Elder JT Moore

E. Berquist, E. Moore, E. Keller, E. Heaton
Floripa Bridge
Here at the Conference
On the bus to Floripa
Passing by the Floripa Bridge
At Conference lunch with Berquist
All of us at the lunch
The Elders Hudle
At the Elders in Floripa Apartment
The Arizona Elders
The Guaratuba Group