Monday, September 21, 2015

Share the Gospel with Friends and Family

So to start out, I just wanted to share that things are going Great here in Joinville. The ward members, especially the Bishop loves us and trusts us. He even let E. Keller and I talk in church (which hasn’t happened in a long time) about missionary work, and all the members said they were really good talks. Having the members love and trust us has made the biggest difference in the work here in Joinville. In fact the members are doing great, we marked (set) 3 FHE with families that are going to bring friends to it, so we are super pumped! The ward is getting super pumped for missionary work. We are bonding great with the members. The companionship is awesome, we work super hard, but we also have a ton of fun, it has been the best part of my mission. The only bad thing that has been happening is I have had sinus infections, but we went to the doctor and he gave me some big old horse pills and told me to rest, we obeyed, and now my head is normal and I am healthy!

So we are teaching some great families, please keep them in your prayers. Please pray for Lucas, Eli, Barbara, Bianca, Gabriel, Bryan, Lana, and Olivia they are a super amazing family we are teaching them and they are doing everything to prepare themselves for the blessings of the gospel. They are truly an awesome family. Pray for them so that they can get all their documents quickly and safely so they can get married quickly. Also pray for Sonia she is another investigator that is awesome, she just finished reading Alma, she loves the Book of Mormon. It just appears that every time she is getting ready to come to church, something crazy happens. It's crazy how once you miss one week of church, it's so easy to skip the next, but pray for her to be able to get to church this week.

On Tuesday we met with the other zone leaders from South Joinville zone to plan the zone conference. While we were there E. Berquist made pancakes and I made syrup with the maple flavoring you sent. They were awesome so we decided we would make them for the zone conference. On Friday we had the 2 zone conference (North and South Joinville) with president and we did awesome. Everybody really enjoyed the pancakes and syrup. E. Keller and I taught about the importance of working with members, it was awesome, I am super enjoying serving with him a lot, it's awesome!

Here is a cool story I wanted to share. So we were walking home on Saturday, and this guy yells, “Mormons, wait I want to talk to you”. Anyways we talk to him and he wants to know more about our church and what we believe. He has been having a tough life, but a friend of his has been texting him and telling him about the church. He wanted to hear more, so we set a time to go by and visit him. What is really interesting is that we were not planning on going this direction, but we felt prompted to change our course, I don't know it was weird, but I know God wanted us to be walking there at the very moment when we saw that man. We will see what happens.

E. Keller and I were talking the other day, and started calculating, (there are over 15 million members, if half of them are super active, and every one of them was a missionary, if everyone of those members in the world shared the gospel and brought ONE person into the church, that would be like 7 million new members this year. But it would probably a lot more, because it would be bringing in families. Just think how much the church would grow and how better off the world would be. How much people would understanding about God’s plan, that families can be eternal, how we can be truly happy! Please everybody just share the gospel with people, don’t be afraid to make new friends and talk to people, pray for missionary opportunities EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all so much,

Elder JT Moore

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