Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

This is for you mama! I Love YOU! (Click to see video)

So this was another great week here in Florianopolis. It went by really fast, I can’t believe it has already been two weeks since the last transfer. We are tearing it up in the office, Elder Stahn is learning so quickly. We did 5 visas this week, they really like us over there now and they help us out a ton. We are honestly finding constantly! We found a bunch of new people/families to teach this week. Our goal has been to find at least one person per day, and the Lord is really blessing us with finding people to teach. It is awesome, and we are always inviting them to baptism on the first time teaching them and it is ridiculous how the Lord is showing His hand in our work so clearly in helping us find people and them accepting our commitments! Mark 10:21 Jesus loved the young man and asked the him to sell everything and come follow him. When we teach someone and we love them we can’t be scared, we just need to have the same love Jesus had and be bold and invite them to come follow Jesus. I learned a ton this week it was awesome! What is the true meaning of loving someone, it is not trying to sugar coat things so you think it won’t hurt them, but be bold and love them enough to invite them. Honestly I am having a blast and working my butt off, I am enjoying the mission, and the work is going great!

Another thing I learned this week is getting out of our comfort zone. Elder Bednard talked about the scripture in Matthew 14:22-31, where Peter stepped out of the boat responding fervently and immediately to the Savior’s invitation. With his eyes fixed upon Jesus, he stepped out of the boat and miraculously walked on the water. Only when his gaze was diverted by the wind and the waves did he become afraid and begin to sink. We can be blessed to conquer our fears and strengthen our faith as we follow the Lord’s instruction: “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not” (D&C 6:36). As we have came across people who before I would have never approached, I decided to step out of the boat and get out of my comfort zone and trust in the Lord, and all I can say is WOW, we have been able to go and teach people I would have never thought to ever invite.

So the other day we were teaching a young man, Elias, well we thought it was over because his uncle didn’t want us coming over to teach him anymore, but he told us he would come to the church on Thursday at 3 to be taught. Well after 3 had come and past, I figured it was over with him, but a little while later at 3:30 as we were working in the office a lady who was cleaning the church came over and told us a young man was waiting for us. We went and taught him the plan of salvation and used the parable of the “House and the School”. It went great, then we asked him to come to church, and he wants to come really bad but his uncle is being a hindrance in him being able to do anything.

So dad when you were talking in the audio on being super overwhelmed I thought of two things. The first was actually in a FHE yesterday we talked about the importance of time and one of the Irmas in the ward was talking about that. How her life was getting super busy and she was feeling overwhelmed, or overladen and then she decided to wake up more early to study the scripture and more frequent prayer. The other thought I thought about was a quote I learned from Elder Stahn. "When you feel like you are drowning in the waves of life, remember that your lifeguard knows how to walk on water"

Justin I hope you had a fun time at prom!

Mom I love you a ton, when I get home we are going to have to go the temple a lot okay!

I love you all a ton, if you have any more questions then you can ask them tomorrow! I can't believe tomorrow is the last time I will be skyping you guys on the mission. It has gone by super quick. I can't believe it!

See you tomorrow,
Elder JT Moore

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