Saturday, March 5, 2016

Heavenly Father's always is There for Us!

So another week has came and gone. It went by really quick. The office this week was pretty calm, just renewing visas and the usual. As far as the work goes, Paulo and Suellen signed the papers on Monday and the date of their wedding and Baptism is on 26 of MARCH!!!!!!!! It’s going to be AWESOME! Irma Leilane and Daniel are helping a ton! They have been planning out how to do the wedding! They have also been reading the scriptures everyday since we taught them the importance of daily scripture study. I actually used the parable of the truck driver (thank you dad for teaching me that one). I had actually shared it a while back to Elder Cardenas, and during the lesson, he was like E. Moore tell them about the truck driver. They liked it, it was awesome. They are such an awesome family, and today there was a baptism of child in the ward and Paulo and Ana Vitoria were there!

We have also been teaching Prisila, and she is reading the BOM and is either coming to church this week or the next. Cristiano and Marcia a cool family we have werent able to meet with us this week because a ton of things happened with them but hopefully next week we can visit them! We have been doing lots of contacts and are on the search for more families!

So the new word for the week that I learned is “Trichic”. Well so it's like a Gaucho (Rio Grande do Sul) thing they put Tri in front of a word to make it triple the importance. Like in English would be like Tricool or Triawkward something like that.

The funny story of the week happened at the office. Okay so here in the office there are 2 bathrooms, one for men and one for women. On Thursday when we got to the office I had to go to the bathroom really bad, and when I went to go in Elder Salomão was already in the men's bathroom. so I went into the women's, and just when I sat down I heard the mission president’s wife, Sister Silva, with some sisters outside that had just arrived in front of the office. I was like... -_______- so I went and "LET IT GOOOOOOOO, LET IT GOOOO, I couldn't hold it back anymore" "Just Let it go let it go" Hahaha. So then to my luck they came up and tried to go to the bathroom, but I locked it. So then after I finished, I used half a can of febreeze to make sure it didn't “smell bad". After I came out they realized it was me in there and I was like just say a prayer before you go in so you don't die, but it was all good, and we had a good laugh.

I have been study the importance of us having our own testimonies and how all the people of the scriptures had defining points on when they "knew". Also in Helaman 5 what the Nephites and Lamanites did to truly have success! That was really good to study together with the article from the Liahona in February.

I am really sorry Susi died. It would have been really nice to meet her. But we know she will have a chance to hear the messages up there and was being prepared right now with you guys! Way to go that is surely going to help

I am so grateful for you guys and the awesome example you guys were for me! :)

Elder JT Moore

We visited a senior citizens center
E. Cárdenas flirting it up with the single ladies haha
Our District
Best District in the Mission!!!!