Monday, February 9, 2015

Lots of Hills, Lots of Work

Weekly Recap:
Okay so Tuesday wrote you guys then went home and then went to the hospital and took an x-ray, there was no fracture or anything. Doc said to take a day of rest and so we rested Tuesday evening.

Wednesday - Woke up and we went to Campos Novos and had district meeting. There are 6 elders in the district. Then came back home and rested the rest of the day that helped out a bunch!

Thursday - Woke up studied Alma 5 amazing. Read about the personal interview the lord has with us and then 26 is the big question. Have we moved our hearts. Everything start with our hearts! Had lunch at Fabiana and Tiago the old branch president, they are a super cool family, really funny. Visited William and Joyce, Emanuel (reference from a member).

Friday- Had lunch at Simone and Pres of the Branch really nice family. They have 4 kids ages 20ish to 4. Then we visited Bernadete and her family, Viviane and her family, and then Paulo and his son. Then visited Sabino, Buez, and Romano to finish off the night! LOTS OF WORK HERE IN JOAÇABA! The people are really receptive and willing to listen. I have also came out of my shell more and been talking more during the lessons its awesome!

Saturday - Alma 7:11-13 super great scripture. Read how many time Jesus took upon him things for us and why did he do all that? So that he would know how to succor his people. He truly knows us and every need we have we just need to let him in and do His and our Heavenly Father’s will not ours. Lunch with Rodrigues fam they are super cool, he said he watched the superbowl"!!!! WHY WASNT I HERE LAST WEEK hahah, jk. He is super awesome and his wife too! We went and had a member present lesson with them later that day! We all visited Salanch, Natalie and Marines, and Maria(there neighbor). Elder Zamorano and I gave her a baptismal invite and she accepted but she wants to think things over and pray more.

Sunday - Church was awesome, we had 3 investigators come. One is named Lorem she is 13 and had come to church by herself for over a year her parents said she has to wait until 14 to be baptized, but she is way cool, we are going to visit her today. Church was great it was testimony meeting because last week Pres. Silva was here to join the 2 branches. I bore my testimony. The branch is legit. Had a great lunch at Maria Jose and then visited Alex and Claudia the Elders and Relief Society presidents. Super awesome family. Then we visited Luci, Francela, and Josue, they are great. We had an awesome lesson on the BOM!

Week was a major success! In the short time we had.

Update, ankle is all healed up just a little inflammation still but no pain at all. I have been wearing ankle braces to make sure I don’t injure it again. I am really liking Joaçaba, it is super awesome area, the branch is awesome, my companion is awesome, and our investigators are awesome.

Amo voces muito TCHAU

Elder Moore
Thanks for the package Fam Bam!

Got to protect the bad wheel

Bus ride to Campos Novos
The City of Joaçaba, lots of Hills!