Saturday, April 16, 2016

The key to missionary work - "Always find new families to teach"

So it’s been a busy week, transfers are a week early this month because of visa issues, so it will only be a 5 week transfers. There are 12 missionaries leaving this transfer (10 Elders and 2 Sisters) and only 2 sisters coming. So that means 5 areas where missionaries are will be closing or become part of another companionship's area. I am a little sad, because Elder Cardenas might be leaving, I have loved being his companion for so long.

We are still going to the LAN house on P-Days to email you, since they are doing work in the office on Saturdays. We are doing a good job of getting stuff done in the office so we can get out and work. I have the visa stuff down now, and I get all of my stuff done quickly so I can help out the other Elders in the office so we can get out sooner.

We are also finishing up looking for a place to move to so the APs can move in with us and we will have room for Elders that are coming to Floripa. It looks like we are going to move to a house like just down the road from the office. We are going to move sometime between Tuesday and Thursday. I really like the place we are at, it is really nice amazing views of the bridge and the ocean, but in the new house we will have a lot more space and it is closer to the office. We will lose the amazing views, but it's all good. I'm also excited to move into the new house and have E. Keller and E. Salomão with us, it's going to be fun for sure!

So this week we have been working hard to find new families, and it is super awesome. Last week we found 8 new families to teach and this week 6 so far. We are teaching Urellen and Rosi with Sameli and Alice. They are doing great they are going to church this week and Rosi said she read and felt the peace and happiness! Magno and Neuza with Enzo, we are going to teach them today! They researched a little and have a lot of potential with great questions. Neuza talked about after we had left her and her mom, she felt a calmness and happiness so that was awesome for them to recognize the spirit! We keep working to find new families and every time we ask in our prayers the Lord truly answers them! We had a mini division yesterday and Elder Cárdenas and Elder Mendes found this super cool family from Rio Grande do Sul and they have a little son too and were super receptive and nice! So we just gotta keep praying and searching and knocking (Matthew 7:7-8). Justin here is a math problem for you with the answer and the key thing I have learned here on the mission is that you need to be constantly trying to find new families to teach. The more you find, the more probability you have to teach, the more you teach the more probability you have to baptize.

I have been trying to come up with modern parables, I love it, it is awesome way to teach. I have been reading The Parables by James E. Talmage, they are awesome. Please read them.

The mission is such an awesome time. It is such a blessing to have our mission president so close and get to talk to him almost every day about anything, it is pretty cool and a big time blessing! It is amazing how true it is that when we ask for something that is in line with the will of God how he will ALWAYS give it to us. Also how true this church is. One thing I was talking about with President is that sometimes we have to look at the difference in things to see which one is better and the difference that our church has like Eternal Families, Book of Mormon, Temple Baptism, Plan of Salvation, our view on the Fall, Prophets and Apostles are so amazing and help us know which is the Christ's church on the earth!

I know I have a lot of work still to do here, but thanks for sending me the quote dad.
"You will shed more tears when you leave to go home than you shed when you left home to come here." - Gordon B. Hinckley

I look at it and I feel I am being pulled, on one side I am so excited to see you guys, but at the same time the Mission is such an awesome time and I don’t want it to ever end!

Keep praying for us to find families and for you guys to have missionary opportunities!
Remember to do the little things, go to the Temple this week! Read the Book of Mormon Daily!

Families are Eternal!!

Elder JT Moore