Sunday, August 31, 2014

No Pday for Me, I'm heading to Brazil

I write you this letter from the laundry room at the MTC in Provo, the night before I head to Brazil! The Lord has blessed me with too many tender mercies, it is ridiculous! He loves me so much. I have learned so much and love my district. Elder B has been the biggest blessing to me, you don’t even know. And I know Heavenly Father is blessing you too! The Church is true! Elder B and I are the only two in our district going to Florianopolis. The rest are going to Portugal in our district and in our zone it’s either Brazil or Portugal. Elder B has been doing great on Portuguese, he is so persistent and a hard worker it is awesome! It’s amazing how much I understand, it’s Heavenly Father blessing me without a doubt.

The first couple of days were really good/sad, but it keeps getting better. Satan really tries to make you fear and doubt yourself, but Heavenly Father continues to reassure me on the daily. We are praying machines! I know the Lord loves each and every one of us and wants us to do everything we can to return to live with him and if we do our best just forget the rest!

We have practiced a lot of Portuguese, sometimes my brain is fried. I have memorized “The Purpose” and I know Heavenly Father has helped me! Jesus Christ loves us so much doing the Atonement and dying for us.

The food here is good but not great. It is kind of hard to eat in the morning, but it gets better as the day goes on. When I get lost in the work it is the best feeling ever. I have taken a ton of photos for you!

My nose has been stuffy, but other than that I’ve been great!

Holy Tabbs is amazing! My teacher Irmao C is soo cool! Also we are teaching an “investigator” name Victor, he is awesome! He is a golden investigator! Also he is here from Cape Verde at school “learning English” and we got him to practice English. It was so funny! But he has a great testimony and is growing just can’t come to church, but we taught him the “invisible bridge” parable that dad taught us in church.

The Lord has blessed me so much. I will send you pictures of my schedule and journal to see more in depth of what we do each day! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. THE WORK IS HARD AND THE ADVERSARY IS REAL, but as in Romans 8:31, if God be with us who can be against us! I am going to be 19 in a week!

Random Thoughts
Mom, thank you so much for the sinus meds and tissues, and just everything in general! I don’t know when I will actually get a Pday. The Missionary schedule is crazy! The days are long but are so jammed pack.

Eu se que a Igreja e verdadera! I totally use Spanortuges (Spanish and Portuguese mixed) when I speak and teach, but the spirit helps me so much. Need to still learn to listen to the Spirit much more, but I am improving.

Love you all, you are the best! I will swipe my card in Atlanta and Sao Paulo.

I love this gospel!
Elder JT Moore