Sunday, September 7, 2014

First P-Day in Brazil MTC

First email at MTC in Brazil
I got to Brazil MTC fine, I used my debit card at McDonald's to let you know I got here safe. I am good, I slept a lot on the plane, my sinuses are snuffy but I will keep taking medicine and ask them what I should do. There are two other missionaries who were visa waiting, one has been out 2 months and  the other 1 year, they are both going to Floripa. I am in a trio both elders are from Idaho but going to different missions. My Pday will either be next Wednesday or Friday and I will send you all my pictures and everything. We have a lot more time here for things then in Provo. Like Lunch is an hour! Everything is good though I am able to communicate with the natives too. I love guys sooooo much! I loved talking to you guys! Definitely gave me the boost I needed.

First Pday email from MTC in Brazil
Okay so we don't have a lot of time 45 mins and I cant' send pictures in the Brazil MTC, but I have like 150 pics so far! I'm loving it so much here definitely a lot more of a family environment here then at Provo MTC. I'm writing this one right away to tell you everything. I'm also sending a letter today in a bit. We can only send letters on Pday. I went to the temple today it was awesome! I need some names that we gathered from Spain!

My district is great I'm in a trio with Elder Echohawk and Elder Andrews, and then in the district there are 4 others all Americans too! I'm one week ahead of everyone! I am eating great! I gained 6 lbs in 3 weeks! I'm PHAT! I am speaking Portuguese, English and Spanish everyday it is crazy! But I love it! I will take pictures of my journal and when I get out to the field I will send you pictures of each page so you can see my day more in depth day by day!

The days are super long but are so packed we don't have time for anything. Our teacher is Iramo Talvares and he is super cool. We are teaching an investigator named Juliano, he definitely asks us hard questions since we can speak Portuguese alright, but the spirit is awesome! It has put the words in my companions and my mouth when we don't know what to say. I definitely feel how much love is here! I can feel the amount of love I can feel for people I don't even know very well that is definitely the Savior in my life! Ether 12 is a great chapter!

I have sooo many pictures I wish you could see. Brazil is a lot like Madrid but just run down a bit. It is transitioning between the old world and the new world! I love it so much! I love HOLY TABBS and learn to studya lot from them, this will help for someone to come closer to Christ. I'm eating all sorts of crazy food! Some fruits and foods I've never seen before but they are really good.

The Valley-Willow game sounded awesome! Tell Justin I am so proud of him and too keep working his butt off! I just got so pumped up reading that hahah. Thanks for giving me the play-by-play. LOVE YOU MOM DAD JUSTIN YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST FAMILY EVER!

Today we get to walk around an area by the MTC!! So pumped! I loved talking to you guys soooo much while I was in Atlanta, that was such a huge help! Definitely gave me the boost I needed! I love the MTC but i'm sooo excited to go out and hit the streets! I can communicate with the natives not great but I understand most of what they say and if not I ask them to describe it for me. I can also reply back about stuff. No one can ever guess I can speak Spanish so its funny when they figure it out. I'M FEELING HEALTHY AND GREAT! There is no pouch mail but I can send letters. My sinus are clear, I have been drinking a lot of mango juice too! I cant believe 3 weeks of my mission are already over! ;0 I wrote a lot in my letter so hopefully that gets there quick. I haven't received any letters yet but I know they take a weee bit. The weather here is awesome even though its winter I wear short sleeve shirts most days and its rained lightly at night 3 of the days. Been studying so much but this week was a lot better at adjusting to everything and getting more into the groove.

I have been loving it in Brazil, the people are such a loving people! They are amazing! The power of prayer is realer then real and receiving answers in scripture are the same! The mission definitely has its ups and down but soo worth it! I love it so much!

OOh I met this Elder Lins from Videra just south of Joinsville! He is a convert since 2012 and his family are not members. He has one little brother, just like me! I felt like when I met him I had already known him and promised him I would share the gospel with his family and brother. When he left yesterday, he told me that he wanted me to teach his family!!! That is crazy I hope and pray that I can get to teach his family on the mish!

Elder JT Moore

Elder Moore and Elder Blanchard at Provo MTC (Temple)

Elder Moore and Elder Blanchard at Provo MTC (Temple)

Arrival Group at Brazil MTC, 27 Aug 2014