Sunday, September 14, 2014

Half Way Mark at MTC

Okay short on time today but will try to pack everything in with this quick email! PDAY was awesome! We went out and sent mail, it cost 2 reais or 1 us dollar. Then we walked the streets and I got a churro pumped with dulce de leche (condensed milk)! SOOO good but diabetes on a stick! We then went to this paper store got some more pens which was good, and then we went to this sweet candy store, and got some stuff (sugar rush). We then met this guy by the MTC who makes these awesome customizable scripture cases. I paid half today for the scripture case, they are sooo awesome, like one side has the Savior after being resurrected and the other a map of Brazil with my mission flag pointing to my mission and its all leather. The Temple is such a great time the Lord’s work gets done no matter what! I love it so much! This week was definitely a fun one. We had fast Sunday and that means CTM (missionary training center) conference which was great! I was able to bear my testimony in our branch sacrament meeting that day and THE GIFT OF TONGUES is real! The days feel like they go by like weeks and the weeks feel like they go by like days. 

Another thing I learned a lot this week is not to be afraid of asking people to be baptized, but I need to be bolder! Crazy story so Irmao Talvares, our teacher, comes in to our class and tells us how he got on the metro (subway) to get to the CTM and is talking to these missionaries and this random guy comes up and ask if they can pray for him. The missionaries get off, and Irmao Talvares stays on and talks with the guy a little more. The man pauses and then just asks if he can get baptized in our church!!!! I’m definitely in Brazil hahaha.

I also learned in our Tuesday devotional is to always have the temple in mind when teaching people, because once people get to baptism they may think they have finished, but they still have so much work left to do! That is just the first step. The food is great here! They don’t have too much spicy food here in the CTM, but outside the CTM Irmao De Olievra says there is more. We had tacos one day and pizza tonight!!!! The desserts are always some different creams or gelatins. We had flan one day!

THAT IS AWESOME VALLEY WON! THAT’S CRAZY!!!!! I can’t believe they beat all those Mormons at Mountain View!

I have made a few audios already, so once I get out I will send those. I’m staying in a trio with Elder Echohawk and Elder Andrews, they are great! Elders Blanchard and Bergquist are here, plus Elders Page and Sant, and they all joined our district. Also in our district are Elders Gardner and Andrew, and Elders Christensen and Page (there are two Pages and two Andrews and an Andrew!) There are no bdays here in the MTC! So mine came and went without even noticing it. I love it though; I am serving my Heavenly Father! I can’t spell to save my life! (Dad please fix before posting, thxs). I love talking with the Spanish and Portuguese speakers its way fun!

Everyone here is super fun and we talk a bunch, it stinks that people leave but that’s part of the mish! LOVE YOU ALL, BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD! Read

Doctrine and Covenants 123/12 it is great and also John 3 16/17.

Elder JT Moore