Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Conferencia Natal

Okay so Tuesday- we went to Floripa and had our Christmas conference it was Awesome! We had a good devotional and delicious lunch. Sister Silva taught us about the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the Holy Ghost it was awesome. We then played the white elephant gift game, I had a really cool gift (Floripa bridge mounted on like a marble) until the end and then it got stolen at the end. Then we played games the rest of the day. Some of the games we played were chess, checkers, uno, ping pong, board games, and xbox kinect! Played a sports game on the xbox, Elders vs Sisters, Crazy right! It was an awesome day I really enjoyed it for sure!

We also got our Zone T-shirts, we are in the Tubarao (Shark) Zone. It is an a cool looking shirt!

Wed, Thursday and Friday- The normal work, we visited Maria, Antonio and Fatima, Cabral and Marinese, Edmar and Rosalene and we went and did a lot of contacting reference we received from he is the gift.
Antonio and Fatima - he is still in the hospital. So we go to visit him but everythings been put on hold
Cabral and Marinese- A reference from Irma Soraia, we have began teaching them and they seem to have a good amount of potential hopefully they can progress.

Friday night I got a little sick with running nose and sore throat, I have been taking meds and I’m all better now just a little nose congestion. All the meds mom packed are paying off! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!
Saturday it rained the entire day so I had to stay inside to not get more sick. I studied a lot and did some pass off training. The talk by Elder Nelson on the Atonement is amazing you have to read that!. Also 2 Nephi 25 was my favorite chapter I read this week. Jesus Christ truly is everything. He is the gift! He is the Savior everyday we need to strive to become like him.

I passed off the rest of my training with E Cardosa, he said that I am the fast American that he has been in charge of that have passed them off. So I guess things are coming along well.

Sunday we went to a family that is less active, we have been working with them to help them with having the desire to come to church. They have came the last three weeks so that is awesome, and we can see the change in their home. They feed us after church and we shared a lesson and some videos.

It has been raining a lot this week almost every day we get a huge downpour of rain, it makes it tough to get and and proselyte, but if it is not pouring we are out there making contacts and teaching.

Happy Birthday Grandma! Hope you had a great one and everyone has a great christmas! I am extremely grateful to be out here on the mission I have learned so much in this time! It is amazing. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us perfectly and we can strive to be like them daily, that the leaders of the church are truly men called of God and that miracles truly do exist! God is mindful of each and everyone of us. Sometimes we feel far from him but it truly is for us to grow and progress. Families truly can be forever, eternal and I will forever be grateful for that!

Home Teaching is huge I can testify that a ward is more united when it is doing home teaching then when it is not.

Transfers were this week, I’m staying here with Elder Gomes and E Dos Anjos stays here too, E Cardoso is going to Lages and Elder Betts arrives in his place, he was a visa waiter in the US for like 8 months.

I love you guys soooo much, remember to love one another and 5 things we can do to stay strong Fasting, Pray, Going to the Temple, Studying the Scripture, Serving one another.

Love you all,
Elder JT Moore
White Elephant gift that I lost at the end.
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