Monday, December 22, 2014


Okay so this week may have been one of the best of the mission, not as far as numbers, but being out here on the mission, me and Elder Gomes finally clicked, he has taught me a ton, not just about companionship and dealing with people, but also becoming the best missionary I can be and how to improve and see that yes we are here to help others but at the end of the day if we can like D&C 18:15 “If we can bring one soul unto him. (ours) how great will his and our joy be.” We still aren't perfect but man from where we have come I would have never thought. I know that the Lord put him to be my companion in this instant for specific reasons without any doubt. God knows each of us perfectly.

Below is a picture that E Dos Anjos shared with me titled JESTO! 5 things you can do to be strong in the gospel and as a FAMILY. Please do these, I know these things are true! They are FASTING, Scripture STUDY, Preparing and Taking the Sacrament, Going to the Temple, and PRAYING.

Justin please listen to this link Sacrament a Renewal for Our Soul from a talk that I loved in the past general conference that really hit me that I wished I had understood better. I wished I had learned this early in my life. When we are priest we have the privilege to bless the sacrament! (Helping everyone renew their baptismal covenants, Kind of like a new baptism for the week in a way.That is something very sacred, and as I have studied and read the sacrament prayers, which is something I said for 2 years every Sunday, now that I have studied, and I mean truly studied I have learned a TON about it. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ LOVE us so much, In D&C 19 it talks about that Jesus Christ did everything for us. If we just repent. He doesn't want us to suffer. BECAUSE HE ALREADY DID FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF US. And the PRIVILEGE YOU GET TO BLESS THE SACRAMENT IS VERY SACRED. This world and life is INCREDIBLY SMALL like seriously if had a rope that stretched from one end of eternity to the other and then wrapped a small piece of yarn on one point that would signify our life on earth. Its crazy because sometimes it may feel like forever, but its not. So we don't have to worry so much on what people think and instead on what GOD thinks of us because with him and how we choose to serve and obey him will determine our ETERNAL FUTURE, and honestly that is something I have learned a ton more on the mission that I wish I had learned earlier. I am very grateful for the sacrament it truly is a gift from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that we are able to partake of. Justin you have the privilege to bless it for everyone at church. Keep that in mind and prepare throughout the week to truly be prepared and worthy to bless that to others I know without a doubt IF YOU CHOOSE to do that you will see a much brighter happiness in your life, and others around you, you will feel more confident in the eyes of the Lord. I TESTIFY of these things as your brother who loves you forever, and as a Representative of Jesus Christ that if you choose TODAY To prepare EVERYDAY, TO BE prepared and be worthy of the holy ghost in your live you will see miracles in your life and GOD WILL TRULY BE SO PROUD AND HAPPY OF YOU. I wish I had learned this at a younger age and I pray and hope that you can learn from the mistakes that I have made to become better than what I was. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Visits for the week:
So Cabral and Marinese- we taught them this week and it was awesome he cried during the lesson and the lesson was truly lead by the spirit! It was great! That family has a lot of potential I am excited for them!
Maria- Is in Floripa for the holidays
Antonio and Fatima- He didn't get surgery because they said it was too risky so hes on these new meds and in a hospital in Tubarao, the hospital is just for heart patience and he is being monitored
Gloria and Clation- we are going to take a break until after new years and see what happens.
We are going to be going out and trying to fortify the members and create more of a bond with them!

They celebrate more Christmas Eve here and have a huge feast at like 11pm on Christmas Eve, so they don't go to sleep early because of santa... SMH! So we will eat on the 24th at Bishops and the 25th at the bishop’s mom’s house, which will be also a ton of food!

Okay so I will call you guys at 4 pm from the time in Santa Catarina, which it will be 11 am Christmas Day okay Fambam! I LOVE YOU GUYS, SEE YOU ON THURSDAY (English), JUEVES (Spanish), QUINTA FERIA (Portugues)!

Love you all,
Elder JT Moore

J.E.S.T.O best five things you can do
Our Christmas Tree and Lights
Our District Churrasco
Pretty much every night out our window
Part of our District
The RMs (young men and women) came to our apartment like at 10 last night and did caroling for us! it was super awesome!
Real Madrid Jersey Santa Brought Me
Elder Betts and I working on our Selfie Game
A little Christmas Pose
Inside Criciuma Soccer Stadium
Nice Seating inside the Soccer Stadium