Monday, January 5, 2015

Excited for the New Year!

So this last week it was cloudy all week and rained like 5 out of 7 days so it was great and really cool. However this week is going to heat up they say! :/

Tuesday- Went to find a pocket size map of Criciuma, but we couldn't find one. We were able to go to visit Ronaldo from Haiti and talked to him. We got to know him and found out he was baptized in Haiti, we also found out that his wife isn't and he lives in a house with a lot of other haitians too. So we are going to start teaching them.

Wednesday- New Years Eve - District meeting lunch with a churrasco and played a game like white elephant but with chocolate as the gift. I actually got some turron. Then we bought some more meat for the churrasco in the apartment that night. That night we had a churrasco feast and watched all of the fireworks. I think I gained like 15 lbs this day.

Thursday- New Years Day - EVERYTHING IN THE CITY WAS CLOSED ! LITERALLY EVERYTHING! I guess it’s like the law that everything has to be closed. So we got an extra Pday for the week.

Friday- Went on splits with E Betts, we visited irma Flor, her husband who's on bed rest and can't talk but he’s super cool he loves listening to the missionaries. We taught there twin 7 year old grandchildren the first lesson about God is our Heavenly Father, that He loves us and sent us here to be with our families, and He gave us prophets to teach us about His gospel. It was hard to teach them sometimes because they would randomly throw out the typically primary answers it was pretty funny sometimes! We went to visit Daverson, Mariana, Larisa and junior (old Investigators) see how they were doing but they weren't home. (Most people go to the beach a lot during the summer here in Criciuma!) Especially since Thursday through Tuesday everything is pretty much a holiday.

Saturday- We went to visit Antonio and Fatima, she was at home, he is still in Tubarao but comes home this week. He may need to get surgery if it hasn't gotten better. We are praying that they won't need too! Please join us in prayer and fasting. Edmar and Rosalene- Talked to them about how their holidays went and marked to come back this coming week.

Sunday- we brought Ronaldo the man from Haiti to church because he didn't know where it was and he became friends with the another member from Haiti so that was awesome! Marinese and her 2 grandchildren went to church. Also Lourdes a recent convert that went inactive right before I got here came to church on Sunday with her husband who isn't a member so we will see what will happens. What’s great is Benilde, her visiting teacher, went over there and visited her and arranged to take them to church on Sunday! Testimony of Visiting and Home Teaching! So that was great to see her. She had stop coming to church because she got offended by some of the members here, but it was awesome to see her back!

We had a very productive ward council meeting so im really excited to see how it goes! This month will be awesome with some changes I KNOW IT! I am really excited for this month and the ideas we are going to get the ward members and investigators more happy and united! I'm really excited! :)

I saw jamon serrano in the store the other day, and had to buy some! I will tell you how it is and compares to Spain’s jamon.

This week I studied Words of Mormon and the importance of listening to the Spirit, trust in the spirit and know that it will always guide you. When the spirit prompts us, even when we are not sure, we just have to go with it, because if we know it is from the spirit than it is right. We also studied 2 Nephi 31, power packed chapter.

Love you all,
Elder JT Moore