Monday, January 26, 2015

Families Are Eternal

This week has been good, and I’m really excited in the change we are seeing in this ward! We have had a lot of family home evenings with families and we discuss FSE (eternal families). The change is happening and missionary work is moving wayyy up the priority list of each member. Its awesome to see the change in the members, they pray so that THEY CAN FIND people for us help teach with them and are a lot more willing to give names and its just a lot better of a spirit at the church! We also got a new ward mission leader! He just got released as the high priest group leader to help out in the work! We are getting a lot more of a push in the work! We haven't worked with him a ton yet but he is a really strong member in the ward and served a mission and is a very good speaker too. I'm excited! FSE (Families Sao Eternas) that we are doing with families are being a HUGE HIT! People have asked us when we could go to their house to do it so that's awesome! Bishop’s family said they put it on facebook and got a ton of buzz! Other wards nearby really liked the idea so that was awesome! Our 40 day fast has been GREAT! The youth have been a great help in the work too!

So E. Gomes and Dos Anjos went on divisions to Renascer and went to go visit Maria She knows its true, she is just having a hard time leaving her other church because she is a very firm member of her other church. But she accepted to be baptized th 31 of Jan! We also visited Antonio and Fatima and taught them the Plan of Salvation.

So I’m pretty sure that I am getting transferred this next transfers. I have really enjoyed Criciuma and am excited to see the changes that are going on here. One side of me really wants to stay and watch the changes keep going, but the other side is excited to get to a new area and work really hard! Since this is my first area I am still known as the newbie (baby) so it would be nice to go to another area where they didn’t see me as the baby.

I have been studying Mosiah 20 and its really good! We can see that what the prophet says happens, so its a good thing to listen to them! Also, I really like Mosiah 19 verses 2- 6 I LEARNED A TON THERE. So it started with a division between the nephites and then before they knew it the lamanites were within their borders. That's just how satan works in our homes we talk about the proclamation to the family with the ward families and how Satan is not going to just attack when we are prepared, hes going to wait until we lose our focus and then he finds the weak point and he enters and before we know it. He is in our borders and then everything blows up super quick. So it was really good to reread the previous chapters and see how slowly but surely the Nephites slack from where they were at and then like that they were fighting one another and boom! Satan (Lamanites had entered)

So Elder Gomes and I climbed the hill again to try and get a view of the city. This time we made it up to the antenna towers without any fog!

Justin its awesome hearing your wrestling stories, keep working your butt off man, but make sure to have fun and enjoy it! Want to see you going to state when I get back! You are going to be able to pin any missionary out in the mission field. Because sometimes we have wrestle offs haha! Make sure to remember the importance of being grateful for what you have! I can't explain how grateful I am to live where we live and have all the opportunities we have! Do your very best in school and in SEMINARY! Don’t take going to seminary for granted!

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for the things you taught me, they are beyond explainable! Doing families are eternal with people has shown me how much you have done for me and Justin and how grateful I am that you to teach me and Justin the gospel. I hope and pray that I can give a good example to my future kids one day. I am so grateful for you too and everything you have done I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH! Amo voces muito TCHAU.

Tem uma boa semana!

Elder Moore

Found some Jamon Serrano!

Elder Dos Anjos made me a 5 month cake

Elder Gomes and I at the top of the Hill

No Fog today at the top!

Criciuma Selfie

The City of Criciuma