Monday, April 13, 2015

Growing because of our weaknesses

Things are going great here in Joacaba, E. Choate is progressing quickly with the language. Working with him I am honestly amazed at how far I have come, I remember when I was in Criciuma and would get frustrated not knowing how to explain something or not saying a lot in a lesson, and now who would've have thought that I am able to carry on small talk when we meet someone and get to know them and then be able to share a message to someone! The gift of tongues is real without a doubt! I definitely have a lot more to learn though, but I am honestly glad with the progress.

Oh so Joao got baptized! We were able to teach him when I was with E. Cardenas and we were able to mark him for baptism. It was awesome to see him get baptized! He is a great young man! We have Elisa who is an amazing young women she is the younger sister of Carlos (who just has the exam left for his mission papers!) And she only has 12 years old but she is super cool! She said she wanted to get baptized but when we gave a date she got a little nervous but we will keep working at it. Also Edson and Vanusa who have gone to church for more than a year are coming close. They are getting all of the paperwork taking care of so they can get married, then they will be ready to be baptized. Also Antonio and Girley are doing great honestly the only thing is them having an answer about the Book of Mormon.

So here is the funny story for the week; We were out making contacts and talking to people about the church. We were alternating every other one so E. Choate would get lots of practice. When I make contacts I like to say,”Have you ever talked to missionaries like us before?” So, Elder Choates goes to talk to this lady and he tries to say Voce ja falou com missionarios como nos alguma ves (Have you already talked to missionaries like us before) but he got a little nervous and rambled it a little and it came out like.. Voce fala ingles. Do you speak English? The lady looked super confused, it was super funny, afterwards we laughed about it for a long time hahaha. s. #LearningaNewLanguageProbs.

I have been studying a lot Alma 22, honestly a great chapter on how to be a better missionary! Also, please go back and read the Priesthood talks by President Monson, Eyring and Utchdorf, they were some great talks.

One thing I have learned out here is that I am very grateful for my weaknesses, I know I am very weak but truly they are what help be become stronger. I know that as I overcome my weaknesses and listen to the Lord, I become what my Father in Heaven wants me to become. I know I have a longgggggggg way to go, but the most important thing isn't how much progress I am making, but that I am moving forward. I know he Lives and Loves me and is helping me! He is our Father at the end of ALL we can do his grace--> his love--> His Son Jesus Christ---> The Atonement can truly cure and change us. I love you all so much the Holy Ghost testifies of these things which I know are true. Have a great week and remember GESTO!

Love you all,
Elder JT Moore

P.S. I Hope all goes well how are both Yayo and Grandpa and their knee surgeries.

At lunch with the Elders from our apartment
A picture of Joacaba
One of my favorite foods
Here we are at the apartment
Breakfast at Zone Conference