Monday, April 20, 2015

The mission is a roller coaster

Well the mission is a roller coaster that is for sure. You have great weeks, good weeks, and then hard weeks. This week honestly was one of the hard weeks, at least 3-4 appointments fell through, a few baptism dates moved to the right, and we had a few baptismal invites that were rejected. Our biggest problem is making sure these investigators have good friends from church to help them with progress. So this week is family home evening week haha that should help out a lot! Honestly, it isn’t that bad, we are working hard and the people are cool! The members are awesome; we just need to make sure those we have been teaching have friends to help them through the door of baptism. In fact we were just given a list of elders in the ward that want to go out with us and when they are available, so we are going to try to set a lot more appointments for that.

Justin, hey man thank you so much for recordings each week, they are awesome, there are honestly a lot of other missionaries who have brothers and sisters that don’t write or do anything, so thank you so much! I hope you are really working hard in school and in seminary. I promise that the more you pay attention in seminary it will help you in your mission. Also I want you to remember about the movie you talked to me about, the kids with nothing living on a dollar and stuff and how grateful you are. Always be grateful for what you have, you don’t know how well you have it man, the mission was a big eye opener for me about A LOT OF THINGS I took for granted. Also always remember that each week you have to prepare to bless the sacrament, that it is super important, that you should strive to have the spirit with you throughout the week, doing good things and prepare each week for the special and sacred duty. I love you so much man.

Please read this talk, it was a great thing I studied this week in English and en espanol

Also watch this video, it was one of my most favorite talks by Elder Bednard "Bearing our Burdens with Hope"

Happy Birthday Mom i love you sooo much. I hope you have a great day and enjoy it and know that I will be thinking of you. Thank you so much for being a great mom and teaching me sooo many things, I am honestly grateful you, you and dad are amazing parents. I hope I can be as great of a parent as you two. Thank you so much for loving and caring for me. I can honestly feel your guys love so much here in Joaçaba. I am grateful for you guys soo much. Mom, mama, mãe I hope you have uma feliz aniversario, feliz cumpleanos, and happy birthday!

Love you all
Elder JT Moore

Lunch at Zone Conference
Elder Choate and I
A look out our balcony at Joacaba
A little brazilian dessert
For my mom on her B-day
For the best mom a missionary could ever have