Monday, April 6, 2015

The Currant Bush

This week was a little disorganized but it was good! We left Joacaba at 11 pm and got into Floripa at 6:30 am. We were on a really nice bus, with a blanket and pillow, and were able to sleep the whole way there. Elder Cardenas and I picked up our new companions. My companion is Elder Choate from Fullerton, California he was serving in Detroit he has been out almost 6 months, he is super awesome and I enjoy working with him. The biggest difficulty for him is the language, but its only been 6 days, and he will learn it quick. My biggest challenge will be not speaking English and helping him learn. Members here are amazing they bought us chocolates for Easter! It is a great branch to serve in.

So some of the people we are teaching are Elisa, she is the sister of Carlos, and she is progressing awesome, she is only 12 but reads everything we leave and is super dedicated. Also Jose and Luci who we have been teaching will be moving soon to another city in another state. It is a small city so that is really sad but we are going to try to pass the reference, but from what they said I don't think the church is there yet, so it is sad to see them leave. We've had some great lessons with them and it was honestly so rewarding at the end of the lessons when you saw that things started clicking for them and things made sense and the spirit testified that it was true! Antonio and Girley are going good! I honestly feel everything is ready, they just have to get an answer about the Book of Mormon and they are ready. They are super awesome. Also we have Loren, and every missionary that meets her thinks she is already a member because of how much she knows. Whomever is here in November for her birthday will be a lucky person to be able to baptize her. We are also trying to work with Edson and Vanusa, we didn't have a ton of time to visit them with E. Cardenas because they live far away, but we are definitely going to take time to focus on them now.

I honestly am really happy! I loved General Conference! I definitely saw the importance of families being stressed. Dad I agree, Elder Holland’s talk was one of my favorites. Justin you need to watch and read Elder Ballard’s talk in the priesthood session, it is a great one for everyone preparing for a mission. I also really liked Bishop Gérald Caussé talk.Elder Dallin H Oaks was super awesome, and I loved that President Monson talked about the temples which was great, and President Uchtdorf’s talk in priesthood was a really good one too!

Estou muito grato por esta tempo de servir o Senhor eu sei que realemente esta vida estamos aqui para tornar-nos mais como nosso Pai Celestial, sou muito grato pela Graça do Senhor --> Amor do Senhor --> A Expiação de Cristo, O Maior acto de amor de toda humandade, nunca vou conseguir entender todo mas sou muito grato por ele. Por meio Dele nos podemos voltar a presença de nosso Pai Celesital e ter uma Familia para todo Eternedade se fizemos nosso parte amo voce e lembrar like Elder Oaks talk which type of soil is our heart for receiving the seed.

Here is a talk that I have read multiple times, it has really helped me out here on the mission. It is a talk by Elder Hugh B. Brown called “The Currant Bush”

Love you all,
Elder J.T. Moore

E. Cardenas and I on our trip to Floripa
Our new companions
One of favorite things is getting Ice Cream
Elder Choate and I out in Joacaba
Got another package from home with some rice krispies treats
Easter Chocolates
Chocolates that the members made for us, they are awesome
Easter in Joacaba
Lunch at our apartment, delicious
Happy Easter from Joacaba
Happy Easter from Brazil