Monday, March 30, 2015

Big change on the Horizon

Well last week was awesome. We had 7 investigators at church on Sunday and a lot of less actives came as well which was awesome because it was branch conference, and it was great! The messages that were delivered were great and super spiritual.

We have started teaching Carlos’ sisters, Carlos is a recent convert who is getting ready to go on a mission. They are super awesome, they said they have read the Book of Mormon, but haven't prayed yet. But they came to church and then after church we went and visited them at their house and played a game called stop. You have to write certain things in a certain amount of time. Then we taught them another lesson and they went to the baptism of Milani an 8 yr old member in the ward so that was great for them to see! The work here in Joacaba is going great, we are super busy, I LOVE IT!

Okay so here is the big news for the week, on Wednesday we got a call from the APs in Floripa and.... Elder Cardenas and I are going to train! Two americans waiting in the states (serving in Detroit) for their Visas are coming mid transfers. We will be traveling to Floripa tonight at 11pm and get to there at 630 am. CRAZY! We will come back to Joaçaba Tuesday night or Wednesday. Yeah so i am kinda nervous to train but going to give my best! I will have to be more humble and more intune with the spirit than ever! I am excited for this new challenge, I have always been with companions that have been out here for a long time, this will be a new experience for me. I am super excited but nervous at the same time.

Okay so I watch the wrestling video of Justin’s team, I had too hahaha! Justin is a goob man (sorry no translation to other languages)! I loved it. Justin sure likes to dance out there, super funny also the singing, II don't know that song, I guess I am already out of date.

Okay so I looked at the bracket the bracket that you sent and the east was crazy! Actually Irmao Gustavo said he watched a little bit this week!!!!! Crazy! He watched a game of Xavier and Zags.

Please read Mosiah 2-5, where King Benjamin is talking to the people, and that is like their General Conference. This upcoming weekend we can have many spiritual experiences if we prepared too! Only 2 times a year we get to listen to the prophet and the apostles.

Please add this to the Blog,

This is Elder J.T. Moore here in Joaçaba, Brazil! I hope you are all Happy and Healthy, and just want to wish you guys an upcoming Happy Easter! To remember this special day and invite you to watch this video Because He Lives To remember the importance of Jesus Christ in our lives and know that he truly is our Savior and Redeemer, to remember how much Love he truly has for each and every single one of us. Also if you liked this video I would like to invite you to share it with the people you love. I am grateful for Jesus Christ. I know that he loves me and knows me and what I go through each day, He truly is our perfect example and as we strive to live our life as he did we will truly find a greater happiness and peace in our lives and in our families. I love and miss you all very much, but am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have to help other come unto Christ!

Love you all,
Elder J.T. Moore

FHE with Pedro and Rosi and other members of the ward
Fitting in the Elevator at the Zone Meeting
E. Cardenas and I at an Easter Display
FHE with a Land family here on divisions with E. Patterson and Lopes
Our Pet that we found