Monday, March 23, 2015

Joaçaba is awesome!

Joaçaba is awesome! This honestly was the most successful week of the mission so far! This transfer is going to fly by with how much work we have to do! Elder Cardenas and I are getting along great, we honestly teach really well together. This week was the week to get use to how each other teaches, because we had only been together for 3 or 4 days before. We are pumped and doing great! Joaçaba is an amazing area! I hope I stay here for a while! The work is SUPER BUSY! With only one set of missionaries here it is busy. We have the baptism of João this week! If all goes well! He is a 17 year old man and he is awesome, great knowledge and testimony. We also have a lot people that are progressing which is great! We taught a lot of lessons this week, some days we had 8 to 10 lessons. We had some of the greatest lessons, with the spirit being strong and guiding us in the way the discussion went.

So the interesting thing that happened this week was to my left index finger was puffed up. So we went to the urgent care, and then on Thursday we went to a foot specialist and she took a piece of the nail out. They gave me an antibiotic and it is all better now and the swelling is gone and the pain is gone too!

Our investigators, Edson and Venusa, took us to the Elder Quorum and RS President home (Husband and Wife) this week to celebrate her and her secretaries birthday and her husband. They are an awesome family, help out in everything, always giving us rides. On our way there we got pulled over by police, because they were doing a blitz, all good, first time to be pulled over. Anyways, we had a great time at their house and we shared a quick message about prophets and how great it is to have conference. Edson understands the gospel and is trying to hurry up things so he and Venusa can get married.

Read and Studied Alma 18, great lesson on the power of prayer and being righteous and the power of God. It was a great read and some awesome lessons learned about Ammon and Amulek. What Ammon does to serve King Lamoni. Doing the little things for each other and serving each other makes the biggest difference. One of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon.

We also had a great visit with Carlos this week, he is a recent convert of 9 months, but he is getting ready to go on a mission. We helped him get online and start filling out the forms online, it was super cool to see his excitement. We took him with us to visit some other members and investigators that afternoon.

This week the Lord answered one of my prayers through Elder Cardenas. I am really learning the importance of have a good companionship and that how that translate into success, and having the spirit with us when we teach. The spirit is something we have to daily strive to have with us!

The Atonement is the ultimate act of LOVE! Have a great week I am sooo grateful for you guys as my family. Read the article in Liahona about talking to kids about difficult subjects that is really good and also Moroni 7:45- to the end of chapter. Charity is the pure love of Christ, prayer that you can have charity in your heart! Study those verses they are amazing!

Love you all,
Elder Moore
Elder Cardenas and I at the farm

Elder Cardenas (Old Man - 27) birthday Pizza

Elder Cardenas Birthday Pizza