Monday, March 2, 2015

We are blessed if we keep the commandments

Okay so I know I have said this before, but I will say it again this area is awesome! We have been doing a lot of work here. Elder Zamorano went to Videra with Elder Cadenas on Tuesday for divisions, and then went to Campos Novos after our district meeting with Elder Lima. So while he has been gone, I have been here switching with people in Joaçaba! Did I mention there are a ton of hills here in Joaçaba. I honestly show up exhausted at night but it is Worth it! Well, the branch here is awesome we had at least 120 people there on Sunday! It was awesome we had 7 investigators there at church. There was Edson and Vanusa, and Jose and Luci with their daughter Franceli and their grandchildren Natalie and Victor. Next week we are pretty sure we are going to have at least 10 people there, with Alexandre and Dante (reference of a member) and Loren who didn't go but usually does, and also Bernadete and her daughter Sheila, her husband and her son and Rafella. Yeah I am really enjoying Joaçaba! People here are great, the members help out a lot, I hope I stay here for some time.

We taught an awesome Family Home evening lesson with some members and investigators. The lesson was about family and how to show love by doing the small things for each other. It was a good night, with a lesson and games.

We spent a lot of time this week visiting less actives and working with them and getting them to remember their testimonies and what it felt like and hopefully some of them will return to church, it was really productive. One member we went to visit we had to climb 354 stairs to get to her house, it was a good climb and well worth it.

We studied Mosiah 2 :22-24, this is awesome because it shows us what the Lord will do for us when we keep the commandments. I am really enjoying being out here and getting to read, study, and grow in the gospel. One big thing that I have learned about our church compared to others is that the Gospel focus on the things that are important not the things that are interesting. Focus on Doctrine and Principles and how we can apply them in our lives to become more Christlike.

One thing I would like you all to do is to read and study Preach my Gospel, the General Authorities want every family to have one. The reasons why they want each family to be reading and studying is so that they can do member missionary work, they can work with the missionaries, and during the lesson you can help them too because you know the plan.



Bus ride to Zone Conf
The 354 steps to climb to members house
Almost to the top
We made it up all 354 steps
Birthday party at members house
Walking home from church and we found a soccer ball