Monday, March 9, 2015

Missionaries on the RUN

So this branch is awesome, we had 120 people last week at church, that includes the 10 investigators that were there. So the youth of the branch here in Joaçaba went to FSY (EFY) last week and they loved it. What is amazing is all of the ym and yw work to get the money to go, one yw even sold her cell phone to go. I was like wow! Here I was going every year because I wanted to go, and they can only go every 4 years and she sold her cellphone in order to go.

This week went by super fast! This is the last week going into transfers, and I am going to miss this group in our apartment. We are a great group, we all goof around, but we get along really well, and both companionships work super hard. The amount of lessons and investigators we have is awesome. Elder Lima is on his last week of his mission this week so we we will be sure to mess with him and have a good time! My companion, Elder Zamorano, is a stud and we are working great together!

So this week we did a lot of running, I mean literally running from one place to another. I think we found ourselves running like four different times for a good couple miles. I realize how far out of shape I am. Once we had to run to an appointment, because we were supposed to meet a member at the church to go with him to a lesson, but then 5 minutes after we were supposed to meet him he called and said he had to stay late for work. So off we sprinted to the appointment. Another time we were finishing up a awesome lesson with this family, and it was already past 9 pm and they started breaking out plates. We said we had to go, but they insisted we have some cake. After we ate we sprinted home so we wouldn't be late, since we have to be home by 9:30 pm. The other two times were also because of appointments, and not being able to finish with one lesson soon enough to be able to be at the other lesson.

Here is a quick recap of some of the things we taught this week. We had an awesome lesson with Lauren, we talked about not putting ourselves in situations where we are close to edge. To make decisions early on and to stay away from things and places that Satan wants us to go. Dad I used your story/analogy about the “The truck driver” and how the one that stayed furthest away from the edge is the one that was hired. It was a good lesson. We had another super lesson with Alexandre and Dante, with members also, we asked them what they wanted to know. We ended up explaining about the plan of salvation, about prophets, about the Book of Mormon. It was one of the best lessons I have been at, they even said that it was super clear, and answered a lot of the questions that they had. We asked them to be baptized and they excepted. The spirit was there super strong.

So the other night the zone leaders came into town, and we went to the ice cream place, then as we were going home we stopped by this pizza place and bought the biggest pizza they had. It was 1 meter long, it had 72 slices. We ended up eating it for two days and finally had to throw some of it away cuz we were tired of pizza.

So this week I have been studying the scriptures a lot better. President taught us different ways to study the scriptures. One thing he taught us when studying was the 3 readings; 1.Read over quick for quick understanding 2. look for doctrines and principles 3. Look for additional viewpoints and more in depth on the words and truly understanding the meanings. Honestly the spirit is REAL, if we push and strive to have it with us and read the scriptures daily we will have a different day, a better day.

Funny story
Before I start let me give you a little background. So Elder Lima in our apartment, great guy, but he doesn't like to spend money. We always give him a hard time about it, and what is funny is usually when he spends money, like more money than he wanted to spend,we leave the place and it always pours rain. We always say its because its crying because he is sad he spent so much money. So the other day we were sitting at the bus stop waiting, not a cloud in the sky. As we are there talking, Elder Lima says that since it is his last week in the mission he will buy ice cream for all of us. We were like ya right, we know how you are, haha, it would start pouring if you were serious. Then he was like for real I will pay, and as soon as he said those words, three birds, like big pigeons, fall dead from the sky on to the street right in front of us. We all started dying laughing, it was so hilarious.

Love you all, Remember JESTO!

Elder Moore
Our meter long pizza, pure awesomeness

Cool looking flower

Eating at a members house

Jesus Loves You!

These animals behind a members house

Me and Elder Zamorano at the Frei Bruno statue

Get our ice cream on, that is why we are PHAT!