Monday, June 13, 2016

First week in Jardim Atlantico

I can’t believe I only have 5 weeks left on the mission. This week went by super fast. It is nice being able to just focus on the work and not have to worry about anything else. This area is awesome, it is very diverse with some really rich areas and other areas that are not as wealthy. The ward is really cool it is great it’s a big fun ward! The Bishop is awesome, he is a great man and really understands the Lord and why we are here. In the short time I have met him he has already made on impact on me here on the mission. We have been teaching the daughters of the new members that E. Cardenas and E. França baptized last week. They are doing good and have a date set for the 25th if everything goes well. They also gave us a reference to one of their sisters and her son that we are teaching as well. We also have a less active and his friend, he has been coming back to church and bringing his friend, so it is awesome. They even had us over to eat lunch the other day.

A little more on E. França, he is from Vitória da Conquista which is in the state of Bahia. He is in my group, but since he is Brazilian I didn’t really get to meet him much in the MTC. He also goes home a month later because he doesn’t have to worry about Visa. He is a great teacher and we work well together. Elder Ferriera is the DL of our house, he was trained by Elder Choate, who I trained. It has been a long time since I have been out all day proselyting and I LOVE IT! I have forgotten some of the things we did that were successful so I am trying to get back to it, what I love is this area the members help out a lot! They also feed us very well in this area! I thought I was going to lose weight this last transfer, I guess not. They are awesome about feeding us, so I am excited to be eating lunch with the members again and building those relations with them.

So yesterday at church an awesome thing happened, the first place I had lunch with a member here on the mission in Criciuma was at church, Paolo e Isidora, they were visiting her dad, who is in the stake presidency here in Florianopolis, the guy is awesome. It was so cool to see them again and talk to them, they couldn’t believe I was on my last area of the mission.

It is eye opening to be out in the field all day, I feel like I was missing a lot from being in the office. I have been just observing a lot and seeing what they are doing how the work is going. It is getting really cold here, and it is not even winter. They say it is the coldest winter they have had in awhile. It is nice though, just a long sleeve and a sweater.

Happy Fathers Day DAD! I love you!

Next Monday is your birthday you old man!

I love you guys so much!


Elder JT Moore

My new district E. Miranda, Me, E. Franca, and E. Ferriera
Member invited us over for a churrasco
With the member
E. Riddle you might remember this guy!