Sunday, November 30, 2014

Doing WORK!!!!

This week was one of the most successful weeks I have had on the mission. It was the most lessons I have ever done in a week and a lot of them we very in depth, and we were able to answer their questions about their doubts and not so much on trying to run through a lesson! It was good. It also didn't rain at all this week, we was pretty amazing!!! It’s pretty funny how things work too, like the days that everything is booked and jammed, we think it is going to be a packed day, then people fall through, the ball just takes a bad bounce and other days when it isn't so packed we have a great day. But that’s the missionary life I guess. I got another haircut from Sis Bete, she is awesome, she gives all the missionaries haircuts for free.

We are teaching Antonio and Fatima, they know its true, just got to get them to go to church and strengthen their testimonies. We took him to the doctors and helped them out, pray for them that they will have good results from the doctors, and that they will feel healthy enough to come to church.

We had a planning meeting with the members; Paulo, Terezinha, Benigle, and Bete. We planned to do a display at the Parado, it’s like the big park, like big one down the middle of Puertollano. That is where everybody goes walking and hangs out in the park. Hopefully we can make some good contacts. We are going to be handing out pamphlets and BOMs (Book of Mormons). The members are excited to help us out with this activity. I am excited!!! Should be fun!

One thing I learned this week from Elder Gomes is to be patient. Sometimes I try to rush with our investigators, I need to take it more slow and focus on their concerns and their questions, before moving on and trying to teach them the lessons. Sometimes we just need to listen instead of talking!!! As long as the spirit is there, that’s all that matters. We talked a lot about the BOM, the priesthood, why there are so many churches. They were some of the best lessons I have had so far.

Last week in our zone meeting I learned some great tips and ways to work better with the members, what are some ideas that you guys have, please let me know? Also Elder Riddle and I went to McDonald's, I think it’s like the 4th or 5th time I have been! I got a Super Mac, which is 3 patties! I am fat boy!!!!

It is hot here! It’s not like the Phoenix heat, it’s cloudy and the sun shines but it’s not like the Arizona Sun where you feel like you are roasting, its more like being in a Sauna all day! We sweat for days!!

This week study I really liked Alma 32. It was a great chapter for me about the importance of faith, I know a lot of people want to walk through life with seeing everything in order to believe, they need to learn to have faith. Also Fasting is a true gift. The Lord can answer prayers from fasting and the Lord truly knows us personally. Make sure to fortify your personal testimony cada dia todos os dias (each day, all of the days)!

We are going to Florianopolis this week!

Love and miss you all, hope you have a good Thanksgiving!! Have fun at the Turkey Bowl!! Justin score a Touchdown for me!

Love you all,
Elder JT Moore
Left to right Gomes, Dos Anjos, Cardoso
Christmas lights outside Giassi superstore!
Me and Elder Gomes
Today at the church when we were playing Bball and Vball
The District at the Church
Me and Elder Cardoso
Tapioca peanut butter,chocolate, and creme de liete sooo good!