Sunday, November 9, 2014

Last Week with Elder Johnson

We taught Maria this week, we taught her the first lesson and it wasn’t really going anywhere, started teaching about the Book of Mormon, the spirit was there sometimes, but then she would get off on tangents. So we decided it was time to go, and before we left she offered us some water. When she returned she brought with her a picture she had painted a few nights before about a dream she had. She started to explain the dream to us, it was very similar to Lehi’s Dream and the Tree of Life. She had a picture of a tree with fruit that were very delicious and wanted her family to come and get some. She also explained to us about a building with people in it and a path and water on the side. We were like WOW! So we gave her a book and showed her where Lehi’s dream was and asked her to read it. She came to church on Sunday and really liked it. She is reading the BOM and coming to church and praying, so she is progressing really well. We asked her to pray and read and she has, and said she knows that her previous baptism wasn't valid. She likes to talk and gets on a lot of tangent, so we try to keep our appointments to 45 minutes, that way they can really notice the spirit in their lives.

We also found a family of 3 who are awesome and they are really receptive and we think we can progress a lot with them and are headed there tonight! Another guy, Daniel we are teaching and we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and restoration and he understands really well. He understood about prophets and the great apostasy really well so were excited! Oh on Wednesday we had 7 lessons, Elder Dos Anjos and I were on splits and only one of those was a marked lesson so that was awesome! That bairro (neighborhood) is really receptive were headed back this week to see how they are doing. We found a lot of people this week with lots of potential, hopefully they have been progressing and reading!

Alright this may sound a little weird, but it was very successful. Yesterday Day of the Dead here in Brazil, so we went to the cemetery to do contacts and give out Plan of Salvation pamphlets, and pass along cards. We taught a lot of lessons, it was awesome! Hopefully good stuff comes from it! Keep praying for us to find the elects and people to progress. I definitely felt the prayers this week, as we were guided without a doubt to peoples house. Some of these houses that we had passed quite a few times before. We keep having little victories each day so that's all that matters!

I need to be more bold and not to fear talking to people, that is my biggest challenge. I just need to go talk to people at church and on the streets. There were a few people at church, who some members brought, that I really need to just go up to them and talk to them and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have come up with a plan to get the members involved. We started to use it this week. We basically go to members houses and start talking to them, and teach them real quick about the Plan of Salvation, then ask if they know of somebody who has had a new baby, gotten married, or have had a recent death in the family. Then we get the references and ask if they would like to go with us to visit them and help teach them about the Plan of Salvation. If they don’t have anybody like this then we help them set up missionary goals. We shared this with one family, Paulo and Bete, and she wants to go knocking all of her neighbors up and down her street and share a quick message and invite them to church. They have already started this week and want to be finished by end of November.

Dad you won’t believe this, but I have become excellent at planning and organizing. Everything is color coded on our planner and we try to plan in detail our day and what we are going to do. I have become real good at this, you would be proud!

Well Elder Johnson is finishing up his mission, so I am going to take us four here at our apartment out to dinner like you suggested. I think we are going to go to an all you can eat pizza place and see who can eat the most! He is a great companion and I am going to miss him when he leaves. He has taught me a lot in the short time we have been together.

Read some of the conference talks, there were some great ones, President Eyrings and President Uchtdorf’s talks were my favorite.

Mom, I miss you and hope you are doing better with your back, thanks for all the teaching me how to cook and do my laundry, and all the counsel you have giving me over the years. It is really paying off now on my mission.

Tell Grandpa Happy Birthday, I miss you Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Justin, I hope you do good in Football, work hard! Enjoy the Culture Celebration and tell me all about it. I love you Bro. You are the Best!

I miss and love you guys, serve one another and you will each other more and more!

Eu te amo,
Elder JT Moore
Our District at Zone Conference
Got to love Brazilian Fog/Mist
Maria's Painting of her Dream - Tree of Life
Criciuma Tigre Stadium - Best Soccer Team in my Mission
I'm a Tigre Maniaco!!!
Another Pic from the Stadium
Criciuma finally got a McDonalds time to get Fat!!!
Working in the streets of Criciuma
Our beautiful and tasty lasagna we made 
Working on my Selfie Game
Our elevator to our apartment after a hard day
$23 realis Peanut Butter - Really!!!!