Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Monday - was the first time I played sports since being out in the field, we played a little bball and volleyball, then we had the evening to go out and do contacts. We also received a reference from a member.

Tuesday - We helped Antonio get a ride to the hospital for his exam. He is going to been in the hospital for a week. Then we went to Rensacer (barruio) and taught Maria. She has received an answer to her prayers about the Book of Mormon, she knows that it is true. When she prayed she opened it up to 2 Nephi 31:15, which is super awesome. She wants to get baptized, she is just scared and hesitant to leave her other church. She knows what the covenants are when she is baptized, so that is why she is hesitant. The pastor of the other church really has her scared to leave. We also taught Emar and Rosalene the restoration, it was really good, and then we taught a brief lesson with Antonio and Fatima. We tried to get Emar and Rosalene to take Antonio and Fatima to church, investigators taking investigators to church, they said they wanted to but that they have family coming into town. It was a good Tuesday!

That night we got home packed up some stuff and went to the other Criciuma 2 Elder’s apartment and spent the night there (14 total Elders), we had to get up at 2 am and left at 4 am in a big van with a bunch of Elders head to Florianopolis (we got there at 10 am). Then we had the privilege to listen to the area seventy of Brazil. We listened to Elder Costa of the Quorum of the Seventy, he was amazing! Told us about his conversion story and experiences he has had, and wowww the spirit he brought with him was just awesome. I testify to you that they are truly special witnesses of our Savior Jesus Christ and that the church leaders are men called of GOD without a doubt. I honestly could have sat there the entire day and just listened to him! One thing I liked that Elder Costa taught us was how to work in companionships and how to work with members, and just wow it was awesome! So you all better be working with the missionaries to do the work. Oh, in the apartment and van I was with Elder Riddle and then in Floripa I saw Blanchard (He has gained 9 kilos) and Bergquist so that was some awesome little reunions! We didn't get back home until 10 and Elder Riddle and his comp stayed the night in our apartment before leaving the next day.

Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! We all had lunch at our apartment and had a great Thanksgiving! We had a turkey, potatoes, I made deviled eggs like mom taught me (the brazilians really liked them), cake, muffins, ice cream, brownies and some other postres. I missed playing in the turkey bowl, hope you guys beasted it up out there. That evening we went on divisions (splits), I went with Elder Dos Anjos, it was fun, we did contacts, and taught a less active family. Hope you have an enjoyable black friday, they have it here also, but it’s not as crazy.

Friday - Was on splits with Elder Dos Anjos, we did contacts most of the day, and then went to a family home evening that night. We helped the members meet their neighbors, here they actually know their neighbors pretty well, now they just have to invite them.

Saturday - We taught in Rensacer, we taught Maria, Antonio and Fatima, Edmar and Rosalene, and then we went to Gloria and Clataion later that night.

Sunday was a bummer because NO one came to church that we have been teaching, two other non members came, but none that the missionaries are teaching. We did have the primary program during sacrament meeting, so that was awesome! It reminded me so much of home. We had an awesome lunch at Paulo and Isidora. She is such an awesome cook.

I have learned so much about work ethic, and am very grateful for what dad and mom taught me, as well as the work ethic I was taught in football and basketball. There are a few Elders that are out here that have not learned what work ethic is. We talk about setting goals, and all companionships set goals, a lot of them just don’t have a work ethic to reach their goals. I appreciate being taught this lesson throughout my life, because I know for a lot of them it is difficult to learn at this point in their life.

Ask in faith and follow in faith!

Love you all,
Elder JT Moore
Bus ride to Florianopolis
Three generations, my trainer and his trainer
Me, E. Blanchard and Bergquist
Statue of Liberty out front of a store
Elder Riddle and his Comp
Thanksgiving day meal, almost like home!
Them deviled eggs my momma taught me
Thanksgiving meal with the district
One of my favorite foods in Brazil, Tapioca
Special Conference with Elder Costa, Florianopolis Zone, half the mission