Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Only American in our District

Okay so Elder Johnson went to Floripa today and is headed home tomorrow, Crazy stuff. Me, Cordoso, and Dos Anjos are staying here and my new trainer is Elder Gomes! He has been out in the field 6 months he arrives tomorrow at 1:35 so he should have some gas to work! He is Brazilian from Sao Paulo. I’m excited this transfer I’m going to be the only American in the house! Going to be fun! Let’s see how much English I can forget.

I’m learning new things to cook each day with different Elders, I’ll try to take pics of the stuff we make. The wall has gotten better with the dryer on it. I’m seeing your prayers here! Maria came to church this week after missing the last one and she asked some really deep questions. It will be fun to answer those questions. She definitely has some great potential. I’m still learning and growing in the language and how to teach better and clearer but I know it’s a process. The biggest thing is getting the people we teach to come to church! English classes haven’t been going so well, hardly anyone shows up, so I think we are going to cancel them, since we can do other more productive things.

It has been really hot down here, I sweat all the time. I don’t think I will ever get use to this humidity. We only have three fans in the apartment, so I am the one without. It makes it hard to sleep. I am going to go buy one today!

We taught this really awesome family, their daughter reads a lot of the Book of Mormon. She was asking us about what she read and asked us, “So it says if you read and pray with FAITH, you can know these things are true. So we really need to pray with FAITH right?” We were like, yes Exactly!! Para bem, para bom! The spirit was there in the lesson, so hopefully they continue to progress and come to church. We have to get some members to go with us on our next lesson. Members make missionary work so much easier and better.

We have also been working with our ward mission leader, Rafael. He used to be the second counselor in the Bishopric and then was released and called as ward mission leader. The Elders were super pumped, but right after he was called he started to become less active. So even though he doesn't come to church, we call him every night and let him know what we are doing and how the work is going. We keep trying to get him to have a correlation meeting, but it hasn't happened yet. We keep working on him, with the nightly calls.

I learned this mission is the least baptising mission in all of Brazil, but the baptisms here are the most firm and the new members stay active. I think quite a few we can mark for baptism this week, please remember to pray that all goes well with them and that they can be progressing and come to church! That's the biggest thing! I am praying for you guys and make sure to love and serve each other D&C 100 was an answer to my prays and May 2014 Elder Bednars talk was really good! Also read Helaman 5 and see how many times it says remember in it.

I got your package today, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love it. The new camera is Beast! It is awesome with the built-in WiFi. Thanks for the door bball hoop, now we can kind of play sports, since we aren't allowed to play them with members or investigators. Thanks for all of the food and pens, and stuff.

Also, we went by his park called Park of the Nations that we passed by on bus, and I found the Spanish flag, so I snapped a quick pic!

I miss you guys a lot, but make sure you love and serve each other, make sure to do the little things like pray together, read the scriptures, FHE, and go to the temple together once a month! Please! I love you guys sooooo muchhhhhhhhh!

Eu te amo,
Elder JT Moore
When it rains, I have a hoody
Spanish flag at Park of the Nations
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Last District meeting with E. Johnson
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The pretty flower for you Mom!
Elder Cordoso
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Saying Goodbye to Elder Johnson
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