Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! So today we saw some people dressed in Halloween costumes, pretty cool to see it. So this week was a lot more calmer and I am understanding a lot more, I was able to do a lot more in the office and prepare for the future. To be honest working in the office creates stress, frustration and annoyances at times, but there are also great times of counsel with the president where the spirit is super strong, and we learn so much, it is so great being out here on the mission and having spiritual experiences daily, which makes all the difference! I also really saw this week how much the President loves us missionary and how he truly cares about each and every one of us. I enjoy being a representative of Jesus Christ and feeling the spirit. So on Wednesday it was a little stressful in the office, but then it was great to get out and work. We went and visited a family that is investigating the church and we were going to teach them about the Book of Mormon. We had left them with the assignment to read Moroni 10:3-5, and when we talked to them they had read Moroni 10: 3-5 and actually the rest of the chapter. It was awesome to hear them talk about what they had read, they definitely believe it. You can tell when people have a true desire it is just super apparent on their faces. I am super excited for them, they are going to keep progressing, they have a lot of obstacles that they will have to overcome, and it will be a while for them to be ready to be baptized. This week is going to be the week of the member missionary work, we are going to be bringing a bunch of members to the visits with them. Member missionary work is great, and it truly helps the investigators with feeling comfortable at church and other activities.

The ward had a great activity on Sunday roughly translated into English as "The day no one missed", it was a super awesome success and we had a lot of visitors and investigators. There was like 20 people in Gospel Principles class. It was great activity, and a key opportunity to talk to members and visitors.

So it is weird that E Betts goes home on this next transfer! It's crazy that we both got here in Brazil on the same day and we both were in Criciuma, and now he is almost home, crazy how fast time flies by! The mission goes by so fast!

Funny story for the week: Okay so E. Keller and Fernandez were calling all the areas this week to find out about the apartments of the missionaries. He called this one missionary and here is the discussion they had. All in Portuguese okay
Keller: Hello Elder....... hows it going..
Other Elder - Doing good here and what about you?
Keller- Doing good I have some questions for you guys that I needed to know. How many bathrooms do you guys have. In Portuguese there is banheiros (bathrooms) and batismos (baptisms).
Other Elder - Well me and my comp just got here and right now we don't have any, but we are working really hard and we are excited and now we can get one...
Keller (Look of confusion on his face) - Wait... What Elder?... (Sudden realization of what each Elder was talking about) hahaha

New word of the week: alfândega it means custom house. So E. Betts bought a map of Floripa and they have a museums of the custom house, so yeah that is how I learned the new word.

I want you all to watch/read His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox

Love you all very much! Remember to always do the little things!

Besos, Tchau, Tchau,

Elder JT Moore

Have to love the view of the Floripa Bridge
My desk in our appartment
Our living room
Most excitement we have as missionaries is buying new ties