Monday, October 5, 2015

Lágrimas de Tristeza

So here is the crazy news, both Elder Keller and I are getting transferred. We are both headed to the office in Floripa. E. Keller is the new AP and I’m the new executive secretary. E. Betts will train me, and we will be in a quadruple companionship of secretaries with E. Cardenas and E. Da Silva as the foursome. It will be a lot of work, but should be a ton of fun! I don't have a ton of time today, but I did do a few audios on the bus ride from Joinville to Floripa. We left at 7:10 this morning and got here at 10:10. I will have more time on Saturday, which will be my P-day now. It is already crazy here with the new missionaries arriving tomorrow and I am completely lost! I am a little nervous and don’t want to mess us, but I know that the Lord will qualify those he calls. It kind of stinks that I won't get to do a lot of normal missionary work, but we will see how it goes.

So General Conference was awesome, I learned a ton on the Sabbath, and on Fasting. My favorite talk was by Elder Larry Lawrence on Saturday, “What Lack I Yet”. It was what I was needing. There was a ton that were great, I also like the talk about the surfers and the net, . It seemed a lot of the talks were about the Sabbath day, keeping the commandments, and prophets and apostles, and save money.

I am so sad to leave Joinville, we really loved the ward and the members, and I think they really loved us too, and our companionship was starting to really find success. It was a really fun and exciting time in the mission, and I am sad E. Keller and I only had one transfer together. We both thought we would be in Joinville until at least Christmas. So I will see E. Keller all the time here in the office and he has the same P-day as me, so, we will still be able to get together and hang out and talk football, hahaha. There will be four new Elders in our place in Joinville, E. Chavez, Luz, and Choate is going to train someone there. So Sonia is doing well, we taught her about the sacrament, and she went to conference and loved it. Also Lucas and Eli and their family are doing awesome they had an awesome experience this week with prayer. They are so ready, I am excited for them. There are a lot of families that we are really going to miss in this area, we will have to visit them if you come and pick me up.

So the new word I learned this week was Fubá which is cornmeal hahah. I learned it because of a recipe Irma Godinho shared with us, and made for us they were awesome.

My favorite scripture and one that honestly I really like is Hebrews 13, it talks about Jesus Christ did most of his important things outside of the walls of the city, and we need to help the people that are outside the church or those that left the church. We need to get them to come back and rescue them.

What I have learned a lot during the mission is all of the little miracles that happen, and just how much the Lord works in our lives each and every day.

I love you all very much, and miss you a ton! Make sure you reread the conference talks and do missionary work,

Elder JT Moore

Our District
Saying bye to the Godinho Family
Saying bye to Anderson and Sarah
Saying bye to the Zanella Family
Saying our goodbyes
Saying bye to Joinville
Look he we saw in Floripa, E. Blanchard
We are sad to leave Joinville