Saturday, October 24, 2015

Small little miracles in our lives

Third week in the office and I am still learning and still have a LONG way to go. Its getting better each week, I am learning more, but I know I can do better and at times. I don't get everything done that I have planned in the day and it frustrates me, but a lot of times during the day I will get random calls from someone where I have to buy a bus ticket really quick or other random things that aren't planned, "but come what may and love it". I am enjoying it a lot here but I want to make things a lot more organized and efficient in my work in the office and outside in proselyting.

So as I have mentioned before many times I am eating very good, in fact to good here, we eat out a lot. I need to buy more healthy food, but its hard because we don't have a lot of time here in the office. I am afraid if I stay here in the office too long, they will be rolling me off the plane at the end of my mission and I won't be able to run up and give you all hugs. I really am getting really fat because of all the food. To counter that I have begun to work out almost everyday!

The new word I learned this week is soluços - it means hiccups. I had the hiccups at the beginning of the week and they wouldn't go away, so that is how I learned that word!

Here is a really simple but cool experience we had this week. So E. Betts and I just got finished with a doctors appointment and on the way back E Betts was like lets go this way, I never went this way before, lets see if its faster. Turns out as we are headed home that way, we find a new family that moved into the ward from another ward on the island. He is actually from St David in Arizona and she is from Sao Paulo. They were in the middle of the move and their car died, and it was raining, and their little baby was sleeping in the car, and their cell phones didn't have any credit to call anyone. We were able to help them out, and we also called one of the counselors in the bishopric who came and helped get their car started. So that was Awesome! Like one thing I love about the mission is how many little miracles like that happen in our lives daily, it wasn't something big, but it shows how the Lord is always with us. One thing I know is that when we are living in accordance with the way the Lord wants us to live, then we are worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and it will manifest itself in our lives! I think a lot of times missionaries and members a like take those things for granted. However every member in the church can and should be having these small little miracles happen in our daily lives.

So the scripture I'd like to share this week is Alma 42:4 We are here to repent and to serve God! Also verse 30 don't make excuses, let the justice, mercy, and long-suffering in our hearts and we need to HUMBLE UNTO the DUST!

So Jacob and I see each other like every week since we are in the same zone, it is pretty crazy that two friends from Surprise, Arizona are thousands of miles away from home in a foreign country and we are literally like 10 miles or less away from each other. #CRAZYWORLD #FLORIPAISBEAUTIFUL #LOVEDOINMISSIONARYWORK

The gospel is really simple, the simple truths are what the Savior wants us to know, these are the things that we need to know to be able to return to live with our Heavenly Father. The Atonement is REAL and Jesus truly knows us and what we go through during our lives.

Love you all,

Elder JT Moore

E. Keller, Cardenas, and I
Trying to do a pyramid
E. Betts, Cardenas, Me, and Keller looking at the Island and Mainland
Me and E. Keller
Climbing to the top
Looking down on Floripa
Looking down on the Island
I am becoming the Elder on the left haha #FATTYELDERPROBS