Saturday, October 10, 2015

Welcome to "The Office"

So first week in "The Office" and sometimes it is overwhelming, but it is really fun and I'm enjoying it. Doing missionary work is harder, especially the week of transfers because everyone is leaving and arriving, and E. Betts is trying to train me at the same time. At times it is a little stressful because everyone calls to ask for bus tickets for district meeting and stuff like that, but we also have lots of fun. I am learning quickly and getting the hang of things and E. Betts is helping me a lot and teaching me quickly. I know from the last gen. conf. that the Lord qualifies those he calls, so that will sure be the case here! One thing that is cool about working in "The Office" is getting to have a lot more contact with President and getting to pick his brain and learn from him.

Yes I am doing lots of exercises, because honestly we eat really good here. We don't eat at the members homes because of time, but like every lunch this week we either ate out at a restaurant or somebody bought something really good and brought it in, it is ridiculous, I really have to be careful that I don't get fat!

So we are suppose to leave the office at 4 pm, but this week we have stayed later because of all the paperwork and the new missionaries that got here. However on normal weeks we should be proselyting from 4-9 pm. Like I said we don't get to eat with the members, which stinks big time. Because that was one of the big ways to make the friendship and connection with the members and get to know them and them trusting us. It feels like I had gotten the hang of everything and how to get an area and members pumped up about the work, and now I got thrown a change-up and have to learn how to hit it, but it will be a fun task to figure out.

So funny story of the week: So our quartet of Elders are Elder Betts, Cárdenas, me and we were heading to the bus station to pickup Élder Da Silva's who has a broken foot. But, on the way there, we get a call from one of the assistants, who was already at the airport escorting some missionaries, telling us that a sister from Argentina didn't have her passport. She only had roughly 20 minutes to get her passport, and to get through the gate. So, we get to the bus station, take a taxi to the office to get her passport, and then take the same taxi to the airport. So E. Betts runs out of the taxi to try and find the sister, to give her the passport. But, right in front of the sliding glass doors of the airport, his foot decides that it wants to get stuck on a rock or something, he stumbles, but it looks like he is going to catch his balance, be he continues to stumble as he goes forward to the sliding glass doors. For a split second, we are thinking "HE IS GOING TO BREAK THE GLASS!" Luckily he didn't break the glass. But it made a LOUD sound, as he face planted into the glass, and everything from his shirt pocket went everywhere, EVERYONE in the airport was looking at him. We waited for him to get back to the taxi and make sure he was fine, then we all started busting up laughing, it was so funny!!! Oh, don't worry, the sister got her passport and got on her plane without any problems.

So I will talk more about the "missionary work" next week, just pray for all of the members and investigators in all my past areas, and this area as well. Also, please do missionary work at home and help the missionaries out!!!!

Eu amo vocês.

Élder JT Moore

Quick tour of "The Office"
Our Quartet in "The Office"
Our work area
Out of the "Office" for the night
Me, E. Betts, and Cardenas eating out.
View from our apartment
The view of  the Hercilio Luz Bridge from my window
Our District